Laser Engraved Photos on Wood - DIY Photo Gift Ideas

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CO2 laser engraver is the best tool for etching photo, painting, drawing, picture and pattern on wood, which can realize the amazing DIY photo gift ideas - laser engraved photos on wood.

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Laser Engraved Playing Dollies Photo on Wood

Laser Engraved Playing Dollies Photo on Wood

Wood Laser Engraving BMP File for Playing Dollies

Laser Engraved Loving Photo on Wood

Wood Laser Engraving BMP File for Loving

Laser Engraved Hanging Doll Clothes Photo on Wood

Wood Laser Engraving BMP File for Hanging Doll Clothes

Wood painting uses solid wood as the base layer, on which various patterns are made by hand-painting or laser burning machine, so that it has different styles, such as oil painting style, modern style, abstract style, Chinese painting style to suit different decorations environment.

The base board used for wood panel painting can be made of fir, pine, oak. If it is used to create wood paintings by hand, you can choose any surface that is appropriately flat, and if you need to use specific painting equipment to make wood panels, you need a surface flat and smooth wooden board, the board base can be selected according to various needs.

Wood paintings are generally flat. Hand-painted wood panel paintings should be made of paint, so the surface will be slightly raised when you touch them with your hands. Laser-engraved wood paintings are basically flat and touchless when you touch them by hand.

There is also a laser-engraved photo woodblock print, which is a continuation and development of traditional woodblock prints by modern people, making woodblock prints more individual. Put it on the bedside, on the bookshelf as a work of art, or hang it on your own wall as a delicate decorative painting. You can also give it as a one-of-a-kind gift to someone who cares about you, or carry it around as a warm souvenir.

How to personalize a photo or picture on wood? how to monogram a painting or drawing on wood? how to DIY a pattern on wood? how to customize photo gifts of wood? how to decorate a photo gift? It is very easy with a CO2 laser engraver. If you have an idea to make money with a CO2 laser engraving machine, don't hesitate to tell us, we'll give you the best laser wood engraving solutions for your business.

Free Download Laser Engraving Files:

Laser Engraving Photo BMP Files

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