UltraFine UV Laser Etcher for Custom Wine Glass Engraving

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Looking for an ultrafine UV laser glass engraver for custom wine glass etching? Review this UV laser glass etching machine for red wine glass and beer glass engraving projects & plans with glass manufacturers and DIYers.

 Nov 15, 2021  Claire  606

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UV laser engraver for personalized red wine glass etching

UV laser engraver for personalized red wine glass etching

UV laser glass etching projects

UltraFine UV laser engraving custom wine glass projects

UV laser marking machine for wine glass engraving

UV laser engraver for personalized beer glass etching

UltraFine UV laser engraving custom beer glass project

UV laser marking machine for custom wine glass

UV laser engraving machine for DIY wine glass

UV laser marking machine for DIY red wine glass

UltraFine UV laser engraving personalized wine glass plans

Glass is an important product in our daily life and industrial production. In daily life, people are pursuing high-quality quality of life. For glass products, it is not only convenient to use, but also aesthetic experience. Merchants will use UV laser marking The machine engraves exquisite characters, patterns, etc. on the surface or inside of the glass to meet the needs of consumers. In the industrial production process, the application of glass products is extremely wide and indispensable, such as mobile phone cover, car cover, TV cover, photovoltaic solar substrate, mobile phone conductive substrate. The application of UV laser glass etching machine is to engrave logo, signage, text, pattern, or picture on the surface or inside of the glass. On the one hand, it serves to enhance product quality, brand influence, and anti-counterfeiting. For production management and product quality traceability. Ultraviolet laser glass etching machine can make up for various defects, such as low processing accuracy, difficulty in drawing, damage to the workpiece and environmental pollution. With its unique processing advantages, it has become the new favorite of wine glass etching and is used by various wine glass manufacturers and DIYers.

The principle of the UV laser glass etching machine is to irradiate the surface of the glass with a high-energy beam to form vaporization and leave marks on the surface of the glass. The working principles include multiple laser radiation method, crack-like surface crack method, and ring-shaped crack method formed by discrete points.

UV laser glass engraving machine uses a wavelength of 355mm, and the 355 UV focus is very small, which can reduce the mechanical deformation of the material to a large extent, and the processing thermal effect is very small. Therefore, it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving, especially suitable for high-speed segmentation of glass materials, and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine for glass etching has a small heat-affected area, which can reduce product loss and improve product yield. It can supplement defects that other laser equipment cannot handle, and can also perform ultra-fine marking. It has excellent performance, uniform laser power density, stable output power, and very fine spots. It has no consumables, low maintenance cost and low use cost. It has a flexible design and can be equipped with manual or automatic working methods.

UV laser glass marking machine is controlled by computer software, so it is very convenient to use. Whether it is marking various styles of text, patterns, or pictures, it can be done easily.

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