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Model - LCW1000

Type - Laser Welding Machine

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3-in-1 laser welding, cleaning, cutting machine is a portable all-in-one laser system with handheld laser gun to cut & weld metal, and clean rust, paint, resin, coating, oil, stains. Now the best multipurpose laser machine for sale at cost price.

Product Overview

3-In-1 Handheld Laser Welding, Cleaning, Cutting Machine

Product Details

3-In-1 laser welding, cleaning, cutting machine is composed of fiber laser generator, handheld laser gun, water chiller, and 3 in 1 control system, which is used for laser welding, cleaning and handheld cutting. Each handheld laser gun is portable, convenient, and easy to use.

3-In-1 Handheld Laser Cutting, Welding, Cleaning Machine Features

1. As a laser cleaning machine, it is a "green" cleaning method. It does not need to use any chemical agent and cleaning solution. The cleaned waste is basically solid powder. It is small, easy to store and recyclable. It can easily solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning.

2. As a laser welder, the welding seam is smooth and beautiful, no need to polish, no deformation or welding scar, firm welding of the part. Save time and improve efficiency.

3. As a laser cutter, it is very easy to operate to cut all types of metals.

4.The portable laser gun has a simple handheld structure and is easy to carry. It is equipped with a touch screen, which is convenient to switch parameters during work and simplify the operation. The weight is 0.75kg, which is light to use without fatigue.

5. It adopts professional fiber laser source with lower error rate, low power consumption, maintenance free, and easy to assemble.

6. Industrial constant temperature water cooling chiller is specially designed. The water chiller is equipped with a filter, which has safe, durable, and stable working performance and long service life. Strong & stable water cooling system will ensure the fiber laser source to work perfectly.

7. Portable design: Compact, ergonomic design, with wheels to move freely.

3 In 1 Handheld Laser Gun

The handheld type laser gun can do welding, cleaning, and cutting with smart controller, easy to use for flexible machining, portable with small size, low cost without consumables.

Fiber Laser Generator

JPT, Raycus, MAX, RECI and IPG laser generators are optional with higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower error rate, low power consumption, maintenance free, and compact structure.

Built-In Water Chiller Design

It can avoid the shackles of wires to adapt to more venues, and has good dustproof and anti-condensation effects.

Smart Control Panel

Built-in parameters adjustment range is large, and the one-key startup is simple and easy to use.

3-In-1 Handheld Laser Welding, Cleaning, Cutting Machine Specifications

Laser System




Laser Type

1080nm Fiber Laser

Laser Power




Cooling System

Water Cooling

Working Method


Laser Source

JPT, Raycus, Max, IPG, RECI

Laser Gun


Collimating focal length


Focus length


Focus adjustment range


Spot adjustment range


Auxiliary gas pressure


Ambient Temperature


Environmental Humidity

<70% without condensation

Operating Voltage

AC220V±10% , 50/60Hz

Machine Dimensions


Automatic Wire Feeder

Maximum Wire Core Diameter


Maximum Wire Weight


Maximum wire feed speed


Laser Welding Parameters


Laser Power (Watt)

Maximum Penetration (mm)

Stainless steel



Stainless steel



Carbon steel



Carbon steel



Aluminum alloy



Aluminum alloy



Galvanized sheet



Galvanized sheet



3-In-1 Handheld Laser Cleaning, Welding, Cutting Machine Applications

The multipurpose laser machine is used in manufacturing, automotive, shipbuilding, battery, aerospace, kitchenware, shelves, elevators, guardrails, distribution boxes, ovens, metal furniture, biomedicine, powder metallurgy, jewelry, electronics, hardware, optical communication, sensor, automobile accessories, porcelain teeth, glasses, solar energy, and precision parts manufacturing.

1. With laser welding gun, it is a portable laser welder to weld aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, gold, silver, copper, nickel, chromium, and more metals or alloys, it can also be applied in a variety of welds between different metals, such as titanium–gold, copper–brass, nickel-copper, titanium–molybdenum and so on.

2. With laser cleaning gun, it is a portable laser cleaner to remove rust, resin, coating, oil, stains, paint, dirt for for surface treatment with hobbyists and industrial manufacturing, it can effectively reduce the machine maintenance cost and improve the industrial cleaning effect.

3. With laser cutting gun, it is one portable handheld laser cutter for all types of metals cutting.

3-In-1 Handheld Laser Welding, Cleaning, Cutting Machine Projects

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Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews

from United Kingdom

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Great laser machine that did not let me down, I fell in love with all its abilities. I am an amateur welder in an educator team. I purchased this unit for welding 1/4 mild steel and 3/16 aluminum as well as some metal cutting and rust removal jobs in training. Got it in 12 days. Easy to handle and use. All works have been finished in one machine. It is well worth it for the value. Best investments for my team.

from United States

Post on

Very impressed with this all-in-one laser machine. Quality is as expected. Price is affordable. Surprised about how easy it is. Works pretty good with a cutting gun for sheet metal and tube, a welding gun to join metals, a cleaning gun to remove rust.