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$8300.00 - $13000.00

Model - STJ1610M-2


Laser Source - Yongli, RECI

Laser Power - 80W + 150W, 180W, 220W, 300W

• 180 Sets / Month Waiting for Sale In Stock

• 1 Year Limited Warranty for Entire Machine

• 1-2 Days Handling and 7-30 Days Shipping

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STJ1610M-2 cheap CO2 laser cutter for metal, acrylic, and wood with best budget adopts sealed CO2 glass laser tube, which is used for cutting thin metals (1.5mm SS and 2.5mm CS) and thick nonmetals (30mm acrylic sheet and 25mm wood panel).

Product Overview

Best Budget CO2 Laser Cutter for Metal, Acrylic, Wood

Product Details

Configurations of Best Budget Laser Cutter with Sealed CO2 Glass Laser Tube for Metal, Acrylic, Wood

1. Table size is 1600*1000mm.

2. RECI CO2 laser tube.

3. Auto following cutting head.

4. Ruida RD6332M control system.

5. Leadshine stepper motor and driver.

6. Taiwan Hiwin rail guide.

7. Belt transmission.

8. America lens and mirrors.

9. Blade table.

10. Air pump.

11. Water chiller CW6000.

12. Dust collector 550w.

13. Standard tool box.

Technical Parameters of Best Budget CO2 Laser Cutter for Metal, Acrylic, Wood



Laser Type

Sealed CO2 Glass Laser Tube

Laser Cutting Power

150W, 180W, 220W, 300W

Laser Engraving Power80W

Laser Cooling Type

Industrial water chiller

Control System


Format Support

plt, ai, dxf, bmp, jpg, png, dst, dsb, and so on

PC Interface

USB cable and USB disk

Drive type

Stepper System

Guide way

Linear square guide way, belt transmission

Laser head follow-up


Repeated positioning accuracy


Work Area


Working Platform

Balde table

Purging system


Laser head gas-assisted

Metal material: O2

Non-metallic material: air

Total power


Power Supply

AC 220V±10%/50~60HZ

Details of Best Budget CO2 Laser Cutter for Metal, Acrylic, Wood

Applications of Best Budget Laser Cutter with Sealed CO2 Glass Laser Tube for Metal, Acrylic, Wood

Metals: Carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, and other metal materials.

Nonmetals: Wood, acrylic, MDF, plywood, plastic, fabric, textile, leather, and other nonmetal materials.

Best Budget CO2 Laser Cutter for Metal, Acrylic, Wood Projects

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4 out of 5

Description matches than expected and the received laser cutter. The packing is fine, EVERYTHING works well.

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