Round Steel Tube Plasma Cutter STP1530R

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Round steel tube plasma cutter STP1530R is a multi functional CNC plasma cutting machine for both metal sheet and metal tubes. The cutting thickness is depend on the plasma power supply.
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Round Steel Tube Plasma Cutter STP1530R

STP1530R round steel tube plasma cutter is a commonly used thermal cutting equipment. Its cutting principle is to use the heat of the high-temperature plasma arc to melt the metal at the cut of the workpiece, and use the momentum of the high-speed plasma to sweep the molten metal and make it cut .

STP1530R round steel tube plasma cutter has many advantages such as simple operation, high accuracy, high work efficiency and low labor intensity. CNC plasma cutting machines are often used in many industries, such as: chemical machinery, automotive industry, general engineering machinery, etc. For those materials that are difficult to cut by traditional methods, it can be completed by CNC plasma cutting. In addition, in the cutting speed, the CNC plasma cutting speed is several times faster than the traditional oxygen cutting speed. At the same time, the cutting surface is kept smooth and the thermal deformation is better.

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