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                                                                  CNC Plasma Table Combined with CNC Router Spindle

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                                                                  CNC plasma table combined with CNC router spindle is a new combo CNC machine with plasma torch for sheet metal cutting, and spindle for drilling & carving.
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                                                                   Aug 21, 2019  Cherry  1329

                                                                  All-In-One CNC Machine Introduction

                                                                  This is a multifunctional CNC router machine with a plasma cutting torch, in other words, it is a CNC plasma table combined with CNC router spindle. The all-in-one CNC machine combines all the functions of a CNC router machine and a CNC plasma cutting machine, making it more diverse in the materials to be cut.

                                                                  The working table size of CNC router and plasma cutting machine is 4' x 8' (1300mm x 2500mm). The following is its details. If you need to cut metal and non-metal materials at the same time, you can use it as a reference.

                                                                  CNC Router Spindle + Plasma Cutting Torch

                                                                  The all-in-one CNC machine is equipped with a 3.5KW air-cooled spindle with a maximum speed of 18000rpm. This machine has a CNC router spindle for carving and cutting wood, plastic, acrylic, MDF, plywood and other non-metallic materials. On the other hand, it also has a plasma cutting torch to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, aluminum, alloys, and other metal materials.

                                                                  Two Independent Control Systems

                                                                  The CNC router uses a Mach3 control system with an Ethernet port. It has 3 or 4 axes, depending on whether you need to add the 4th rotary axis. It requires a computer to operate (both laptops and desktops).

                                                                  The CNC plasma cutting table uses Starifire CNC controller with USB interface, which can directly read files by inserting U disk. Complete functions and simple operation. It includes a THC control panel.

                                                                  Dual Workbench

                                                                  The CNC router machine uses T-slot or vacuum table (optional). CNC plasma cutting machine adopts hard steel sawtooth table, which can be disassembled. When you need to cut metal, you can place the sawtooth table on the T-slot or vacuum table, so that the CNC router table will not be damaged when doing plasma cut work. And there is a water tank on the sawtooth table. When the metal material is cut, it will fall directly into the water tank under the table to cool the material and prevent the operator from being burned when picking up the metal material.

                                                                  Plasma Power Supply

                                                                  If the plasma cuts thicker metal sheets, a higher power supply is required, and the price will be higher.

                                                                  Auxiliary Wheel

                                                                  The auxiliary wheels are equipped at the rear of the machine. This will help you load easily and quickly if your blocks are large and heavy. This advantage can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.

                                                                  Things To Consider

                                                                  If you have cylindrical materials that need to be carved or cut, it is very useful to add a rotary attachment. You only need to fix the cylindrical wood or metal on the rotating device on the table, then the item can be carved and cut.

                                                                  This CNC router and plasma cutting combined machine has the advantages of saving money and work space. Thick metal can be cut at high speed using plasma, while precise carving is performed using the CNC router spindle.

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