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Model - STP1530R

Type - CNC Plasma Cutter

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Square/Round tube CNC plasma cutting machine is a professional CNC metal pipe cutter with rotary tube pro software for round pipes or square tubes of iron, steel, copper, alloy, and more metals. Now the rotary CNC plasma tube cutter for sale at affordable price.

Product Overview

Square & Round Tube CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Sale

Product Details

Square & Round tube CNC plasma cutting machine is a special CNC equipment which is used for cutting metal pipe & tube automatically with rotary tube pro software. It can realize auto program and auto CNC nesting work for any complicated joint type of metal tube & pipe. The CNC plasma tube cutter can cut any type welding bevel at one time. This rotary plasma tube cutter is widely used for steel structure, shipbuilding, bridge and heavy machine industries. The CNC plasma tube cutting machine is suitable for cutting cylinder branch, two or three layer saddle cutting of the main pipe, and it is suitable for large quantities of professional intersection pipe cutting. The CNC plasma tube cutting machine can be designed according to the different needs of users.

Square & Round Tube CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Applications

Applicable Materials

Iron tubes & sheets, Aluminum tubes & sheets, Galvanized tubes & sheets, Stainless steel tubes & sheets, Carbon steel sheets & tubes, Mild Steel sheets & tubes, Titanium sheets & tubes, Copper sheets & tubes.

Applicable Industries

Case shell of mechanical and electrical products processing, advertising signages, process decoration, black smith gardens, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical accessories cutting and processing, welding industry, and more industries.

Technical Parameters of Square & Round Tube CNC Plasma Cutting Machine



Working Area (X*Y)


Max Cutting Speed


X, Y Transmissions

Hiwin Square Rail, Rack Drive





Plasma Cutter


Plasma Power

45A - 200A



Working Form

Untouched arc striking

Control System




Support Input






Input Voltage

3-Phase 380V

Power Frequency


Files Transfer

USB interface

Features of Round & Square Tube CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

1. The CNC plasma rotary tube cutter is equipped with professional control system for variety types of cuts, including tees, miters, saddles, centerline offsets, multiple intersections, elbow supports, gusset slots; Round, rectangular, saw cut, overlapping pipe holes, re-pads with axial offsets and baseline or work point offsets, , and other types of intersecting cuts.

2. Precise casting parts and strict manufacture and test procedures ensure high accuracy, reliability and durability.

3. Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules for complicated large steel structure construction, it can generate CNC codes from AutoCAD drawings to save operators and engineers time. And these modules are compatible with IGES, DXF, SAT and STL files.

4. Automatic, servo driven height sensing system compensates vertical position for out-of-round pipe. In-feed and out-feed conveyors available for loading & unloading.

Professional CNC Controller for Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

Four Claws Rotary Device for Round & Square Tube Plasma Cutting

CNC Plasma Cutting Torch

CNC Plasma Cutting Torch with Drilling Head

Hypertherm PowerMax 85 Plasma Power Supply for CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

Identification Plate for STP1530R

Round & Square Tube CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Projects

Package of CNC Plasma Tube Cutter Machine

Professional CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Round Metal Tube

International Shipping Around the World

All the CNC machines can be shipped worldwide by sea, by air or by international express logistics via DHL, FEDEX, UPS. You are welcome to get a free quotation by filling up the form with name, email, detailed address, product and requirements, we will shortly contact you with the full information including the most suitable delivery method (fast, secure, discreet) and freight.

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Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews

from United States

Post on

Quality parts and easy to assemble use. Works well with 220 volts, have used this sheet metal tube plasma cutter a handful of times, cuts sheet metal from ⅛-½ smooth as butter. Ill try tube cutting in the next days. So far I am ecstatic about my purchase.

from Singapore

Post on

I was hesitant to buy this plasma table due to its price and abilities, but finally I decided to give it a try. Its so easy to use with CNC automation. I wanted to cut everything in my repair shop, and tried to cut through a few steel plates, as well as round tubing and square tubing. All worked smoothly with fast speed. Great cutter for what I paid for.