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Model - STP1325R


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Profitable 4x8 CNC plasma table kit with flame cutting torch is a commercial CNC plasma cutting table used for sheet metals and metal tubes with a rotary attachment, which is also known as CNC Oxy-fuel cutting table or CNC flame cutting table with a plasma torch.

Product Overview

Profitable CNC Plasma Table Kit with Flame Torch on Sale

Product Details

STP1325R profitable CNC plasma table kit with flame cutting torch is a CNC flame plasma cutting machine with 4x8 table size for both sheet metals and metal tubes, which is also known as CNC plasma oxy-fuel cutting table or CNC plasma flame cutting table, The profitable 4x8 CNC plasma table has the characteristics of complete functions, high degree of automation, high cutting precision, good quality and strong dynamic stability. The CNC system, servo system, and transmission system of the flame plasma cutting machine adopt internationally renowned brands, machines with excellent performance, convenient human-machine interface, friendly operation, powerful nesting software and high-quality hardware configuration. It is an ideal metal cutting system. If the metal thickness is less than 10mm, you should cut with plasma torch, if the metal thickness is more than 10mm, you should cut with flame torch.

Advantages and Benefits of Profitable CNC Plasma Table Kit with Flame Cutting Torch

1. The CNC plasma oxy-fuel cutting table adopts welded lathe bed with thick profiled steel, which is more stable.

2. Top CNC system configuration, automatic arc, stable performance, the success rate is more than 99%.

3. The CNC plasma flame cutting table supports Fastcam, ARTCAM, Type3 software, which is easy to operate.

4. The plasma torch power supply supports all top brands.

5. The rotary device can be used for cutting round metal tube, the square tube cutting rotary is optional.

Applications of Profitable 4x8 CNC Plasma Flame Cutting Table

Applicable Materials

Aluminum sheet and tube, iron plate and pipe, stainless steel sheet and tube, galvanized sheet and pipe, titanium plate and pipe, etc.

Applicable Industries

Advertising signages, metal decorations, mechanical case shell, electrical accessories cutting, automobile parts, black smith gardens, shipbuilding, welding industry, etc.

Technicial Parameters of Profitable 4x8 CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Table



Working Size


Rotary dimension

200-500mm diameter, 3000mm-6000mm length

Table Type

Sawtooth or water tray

Transmission System

Gear rack transmission and Hiwin guide rails

Driving System

Stepper motor and drivers

Max. Cutting Speed


Max. Travelling Speed


Working Voltage

220V/2P for machine, 380V/3P for power supply

Arc Mode

Untouched arc striking

Output Current

63A, 100A, 120A, 160A, 200A


G code, *uoo, *mmg, *plt

Operating System

Starfire Controller

Consumable parts

Electrode and nozzle

Features of Profitable 4x8 CNC Plasma Table Kit with Flame Cutting Torch

1. The CNC flame plasma cutting table adopts gantry structure with perfect bearing capability, and the machine frame is rigid, strong, reliable, durable, high precision.

2. Double cutting torch: Plasma cutting torch and flame cutting torch (Oxygen Fuel Cutting), it is suitable for cutting sheet metal of different thickness.

3. The CNC plasma table kit adopts the best plasma power supply, such as USA Hypertherm brand or China Huayuan brand.

4. The plasma cutting edge is small and smooth, without drop outs, thickness for metal cutting is up to 50mm.

5. ARC voltage auto height-adjusting device, arcing success rate over 99%, which will protect the flame cutting torch from damage to improve the cutting quality.

6. The commercial plasma table adopts linear guide rails from HIWIN with smooth movement to ensure the plasma cutting tools with high-precision.

7. The drive gear and rack are customized from professional CNC manufacturer, which can extend the plasma table's service life.

8. The servo drive system is available for high precisio cutting, function detecting, short speed up time, and wide speed range.

9. Excellent performance on cutting illuminated letters for advertising and channel letters on metal.

10. Perfectly designed with the best machine accessories to minimize the failure rate preferred.

Profitable CNC Plasma Table Kit with Flame Cutting Torch for Metal Projects

Packages of Profitable CNC Plasma Flame Cutting Table Kit

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Reviewed in the United States on

5 out of 5

I like this automatic plasma cutter. Never owned a CNC version before and have had it for 2 months. It cuts nice and clean through 12mm carbon steel plate like butter. Im happy with this purchase so far, and would recommend.

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