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20W MOPA fiber laser engraver is customized for marking SS foil for USA customer, the fiber laser marking machine can also mark colors on stainless steel.

   Aug 31, 2021    689 (2 Min Read)

20W MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver in USA

Applications of 20W MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver in USA

Applicable Industries

MOPA fiber laser engraving machine is widely used for marking on the iphone back logo, TV controller keyboard, Laptop keyboard, Mobile phone keypad, plastic translucent keys, to make the keypad pervious to light.

Applicable Materials

Metals (including rare metals), engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, coating materials, plastics, rubber, epoxy resin, ceramic, plastic, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper and other materials.

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