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Many buyers tend to fall into the trap of pricing, while ignoring the quality. But it's the quality that ensures customers to use CNC routers in the long-term. So, how to make the right choice?

 Jun 15, 2016    604 (3 Min Read)

CNC router machine has a very high cost, high production efficiency, saving the cost of processing, attracted a lot of business. Many buyers often received uneven offer from manufacturers and sellers in the purchase of the machine, in this case, many buyers tend to fall into the trap of CNC router price, while ignoring the quality. So, how to choose the right machine? and what factors affect the final price?

CNC Router Quality or CNC Router Price?

STYLECNC will introduce the factors affecting the CNC router prices as following:

1. The brand: with a product, if the product brand is different, the price is not the same, I believe we all know this truth. of course, top brands of CNC router price will be higher, relative to the after-sales service will better.

2. The cost of materials: different machine production materials are different, and the gap is great. The prices with good accessories and materials will be relatively high.

3. R & D and technical inputs.

CNC router machine is a high-tech CNC equipment. In order to ensure the leading product technology and product quality, well-known brands of CNC router manufacturers have a large number of scientific research costs. In the assembly of the staff, these manufacturers will hire experienced engineers. These two aspects of investment, is an important guarantee of machine quality. Of course, the corresponding increase in product costs.

4. Parts and raw materials.

Good CNC machine raw materials and accessories procurement are regular manufacturers of quality products, quality and after-sale service guarantee. As we all know, good quality products, prices are higher than the average product price, because in raw materials and accessories, the cost is relatively higher, the price will be higher.

5. Suppliers and agents.

Factory direct sales and sales agents are also there is a certain price gap, factory direct sales will be cheaper than the agents, but agents cheaper than manufacturers, these are uncertain factors.

6. After-sales service investment.

In order to ensure every purchase of buyers, timely after-sales service, regular manufacturers usually equipped with a number of proficient in operation and technical service personnel, after receiving the customer calls, a strong after-sales service team can ensure timely provide technical support and maintenance services, to ensure the smooth progress of the customer production and processing.

Above is the six factors affecting the prices, so STYLECNC believes that in the purchase of a CNC router machine, not only focus on the price, but also focus on the quality, service life, machining efficiency, accuracy and after-sales service to make a choice, to choose a suitable CNC router for their products processing.

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