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4*8ft CNC router in Trinidad and Tobago uses one 4 axis rotary device fixed on front of table with 300mm diameter and 900mm length to do flat and rotary work.

 Updated on Aug 31, 2021    799 (2 Min Read)

 4*8ft CNC Router with 4 Axis Rotary in Trinidad and Tobago

Applications of 4*8ft CNC Router with 4 Axis Rotary Device in Trinidad and Tobago

1. Strong welded tubular steel frame that keeps lathe bed of wood working machine in shape.

2. Y axis with double servo motors to keep stable moving.

3. All axis with Taiwan Hiwin square rails with high accuracy and heavy burthen

4. Taiwan TBI ballscrew tranmission adopted in Z axis to keep high precision.

5. Advanced T-slot & vacuum table with double cavities.

6. Intelligent protecting system that protect wood working machine from damages resulted from false operation.

7. Big size 4 axis rotary device fixed at front of table, more convenient for flat and rotary works.

Details of 4*8ft CNC Router with 4 Axis Rotary Device in Trinidad and Tobago

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