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Two sets of STJ1325M mixed wood and steel laser cutting machines have been shipped to Oman to cut 20mm wood and 2mm steel with economical cutting method.

 Updated on Aug 31, 2021    564 (2 Min Read)

Features of STJ1325M mixed wood and steel laser cutting machine:

1. Working area is 1300*2500mm.

2. RECI laser tube 180W.

3. Automatic following cutting head.

4. Ruida RD6332M control system.

5. Leadshine stepper motor and driver.

6. Taiwan Hiwin rail guide.

7. Belt transmission.

8. America lens and mirrors.

9. Blade table.

10. Air pump.

11. Water chiller CW5200.

12. Dust collector 550W.

13. Standard tool box.

Automatic following cutting head to keep same focus length when it cutting steel:

Automatic following cutting head

STJ1325M mixed laser cutting machine:

Oman mixed wood and steel laser cutting machine:

20mm wood laser cutting machine:

Mixed laser cutting machine loading to container:

180W mixed laser cutting machine can max cut 2mm carbon steel, 1.5mm stainless steel and acrylic, wood, cloth, leather, MDF, plywood, bamboo, rubber, asbestos rubber, paper, PVC, foam, EVA, plastic, etc.

Stronger power 280W and 300W for choose.

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