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ST-FC4020 3000W fiber laser cutter table is able to cut 20mm carbon steel, and more thickness with the best machine parts, high quality fiber laser generator with lifetime of more than 100,000 hours.

 Updated on Nov 16, 2023    683 (2 Min Read)

3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for 20mm Carbon Steel Cutting

We all know that carbon steel is difficult to cut because it's too hard. So STYLECNC made high power fiber laser cutting machines to cut carbon steel with diffierent thickness. ST-FC4020 3000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut 20mm carbon steel and even much thick.

With the developing of metal process industry, more and more customers need high power laser cutting machine to cut thicker metal materials. In this condition, STYLECNC made high power laser cutting machine to meet customers requirements. Today, we test the high power models ST-FC4020 3000W fiber laser cutting machine to cut 20mm carbon steel in our factory.

If you are in metal processing industry and need to cut thick metal materials, please have a try of STYLECNC 3000W fiber laser cutting machine. The cutting quality and effect will not let you down. Welcome to have a look of our fiber laser machines at your convenience.

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