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Many user don't know how to choose the stepper motor for CNC machine, we'll tell you the four considerations for choosing stepper motor for your power tools.

   Apr 26, 2019    1701 (3 Min Read)

How to Choose Stepper Motor for CNC Machine?

1. Choose to keep the torque

Holding torque is also called static moment, refers to the stepper motor power but no turns, locked rotor torque of the stator.Due to the low speed of the stepper motor torque is close to the holding torque, the stepper motor torque and fast attenuation with the increase of speed, the output power also along with the increase of speed change, so keep measure stepper motor torque is one of the most important parameters of load capacity., for example, generally do not add that to talk about 1 n. m of stepper motor, can be understood as holding torque is 1 n. m.

2. The choice number

Two phase stepper motor of low cost, step away from the Angle of at least 1.8 degrees, when low speed vibration of large, high speed when the moment of falling fast, suitable for high speed and the precision and stability requirement is not high circumstance;Three-phase stepper motor step Angle of at least 1.2 degrees, vibration is smaller than two phase stepper motor, the performance is better than two phase stepper motor at low speed, the highest rate thirty percent higher than two phase stepper motor to 50, suitable for high speed and requiring higher precision and stability;Five phase stepper motor step Angle smaller, good performance at low speed in three phase stepper motor, but the cost is high, suitable for low speed section and requiring higher precision and stability.

3. Choose stepper motor

Should follow the principle of first to choose after motor drive, and first explicitly load characteristic, and then by comparing the different type of static torque and torque of stepping motor frequency curve, find and load characteristics of the stepper motor to match;Accuracy is high, should use mechanical reduction gear, to make the motor work in the state of the highest efficiency, lowest noise;Keep the motor working in vibration area, if must by changing the voltage, current, or to increase the damping of the methods to solve;Power supply voltage, it is recommended that the motor adopts dc 24 v and 36 v, 57, 86 motor use dc 46 v, 110 use higher than dc 80 v;Big moment of inertia load elected into the seat number larger motor;Large inertia load, working at high speed, motor and frequency should be adopted gradually rise speed, in order to prevent the motor out of step, reduce .

4. Select the drive and fine fraction

Step step not to choose the best state, because the whole state of vibration;As far as possible choose low current, large inductance and low voltage drives;Is greater than the working current of the drive, when need low vibration or high precision subdivision drive, for large torque motor with high voltage type drive, to achieve good high speed performance;Actually used in motor speed is usually high and the requirements for precision and stability is not high, don't have to choose the high fine fraction drive, in order to save cost;Actually used in motor speed conditions are usually very low, should choose larger fine fraction, to ensure smooth operation, reduce the vibration and noise;In short, when choosing the fine fraction, the actual running speed of the motor be taken into account, the range of load torque, speed reducer Settings and the requirements on accuracy, vibration and noise.

Hope you can choose the most suitable stepper motor for CNC machine, Thanks for reading .

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