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The customer from USA bought the digital cutting system with oscillating knife cutter and V-cut angle blade tool for cutting PET felt acoustic panels, now the CNC digital cutting machine is finished and ready for delivery to the United States.

 Jun 15, 2019    1022 (2 Min Read)

Digital Cutting Machine for PET Felt Acoustic Panels in USA

This is STO1630 CNC oscillating knife cutting machine with 4x9ft table size from STYLECNC.

CNC Digital Cutting Machine Package

PET felt acoustic panels are large sturdy sheets, soft to touch. The panels can be used in many scenarios such as wall and ceiling covering, in room dividers or custom installations.

The Dots and Stripes templates are pre-designed templates that offer great sound absorption and aesthetics. They can be easily adjusted on top of a plain PET felt panel that is constructed from the same material, creating a double layered wall covering.

The PET felt panels, the dots template and the stripes template are available in 10 different colour blends.

PET Felt Acoustic Panels Cutting Projects

If you have an idea to buy such a CNC knife cutting machine or get more information about the CNC knife cutter, please check:

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