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ST-FC3015L fiber laser cutter is a laser metal cutting system ordered by our customer from USA, it is equipped with 1000W laser power for sheet metal fabrication. Now the fiber laser cutting machine is finished production and ready for delivery to USA.

   Mar 16, 2023    470 (2 Min Read)

Fiber Laser Cutter for Sheet Metal Fabrication in USA

ST-FC3015L is a high precision fiber laser cutting system for sheet metal fabrication. It is equipped with high rigidity segmented welding machine bed, high-temperature NC electric resistance furnace to ensure long service life.

All screw holes and guide rails are milled by 5 axis CNC milling machine to keep the levelness. This quality engineering and workmanship result in smooth high precision cutting quality.

ST-FC3015L fiber laser cutter is widely used in automobile manufacturing, electrical power, machinery and equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, electrical equipment, elevator equipment, car decoration, advertising signs, sheet metal production, display equipment, lighting hardware, precision components, and other metal fabrications.

ST-FC3015L fiber laser cutter cutting capacity

ST-FC3015L fiber laser cutters in factory

ST-FC3015L fiber laser cutting machine for USA customer

ST-FC3015L fiber laser cutter inner packaging

ST-FC3015L fiber laser cutter outer packaging

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