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                                                                  STYLECNC will help you to understand what are the four elements influencing the marking speed of laser marking machine, and how to avoid or fix them.

                                                                   Dec 13, 2017    651 (2 Min Read)

                                                                  Laser marking is a process that uses laser beam to leave permanent signs on the surfaces of different materials. The effect of laser marking is to expose deep matter through the evaporation of surface matter, or to print the trace through the chemical and physical changes of surface matter caused by light energy, or burn some materials by optical energy, and display the patterns and characters needed to etch.Laser marking machine is more faster than other traditional marking equipment, especially the fiber laser marking machine, which can reach the marking speed of 10000mm/s in ideal state. you may ask, how to achieve the ideal state? STYLECNC will take you to learn what are the four elements influencing the speed of laser marking machine?1. The size of the marking area.The marking speed of small format laser marking machine must be more higher than large format laser marking machine. Because the deflection of large format mirror is much larger, which naturally has a certain effect on the speed of marking.2. The marking depth of laser marking machine is an important factor affecting the marking speed.If we have a deep requirement for the marking process, we need to adjust the parameters of the laser marking machine, increase the marking power and the current of the laser marking machine, which will make the marking speed of the equipment be affected.3. The intensity of the marking character will also affect the speed.When the marking area is the same, the spot is the same, and the marking depth is also the same. The density of the marking is higher, the marking speed is slower. After all, the marked density of the characters is large, which is equivalent to directly increasing the area required for laser marking.4. The laser spot size of the laser marking machine is also a factor affecting the speed of laser marking.If the laser spot is larger, the marking speed of the laser marking machine is faster, and if the laser spot is smaller, the marking area of the laser marking machine will also decrease. Therefore, the size of the laser spot will have a certain effect on the marking speed.

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