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Before adding 4th axis rotary attachment on your CNC table to make wood crafts, you should first know how to use the rotary CNC router for 3D woodworking.

   May 29, 2023    1377 (2 Min Read)

How to Use Rotary CNC Router for Wood Crafts?

Many wood crafts are carved by CNC router in daily life, the carving technology is done by hand before, CNC router came into being soon, but the machine can only process the limited area of crafts, that is required by hand to complete the entire craft, and now manufacturers adopt rotary axis in the CNC table, it does not require manual processing work, because the rotary axis can calculate the direction of the object. Compared with the CNC machine before, it reduces the workload and strengthens the quality of the wood crafts, because the rotary axis can work in different levels, so the rotary CNC router machine can ensure the quality of carving crafts better than the CNC machine before. 

In addition, Local rotary machining is realized, the size of the object is not limited, you can set their size, so the new CNC router machine is becoming more and more popular.

No matter what kind of CNC router machine, rotary axis is an important part of its work, if you do not understand the functions of the rotary attachment, this will have an impact on the use of the machine. STYLECNC will tell you the functions of the rotary axis for CNC router machine as following:

1. Detailed calculation of the path of the rotary carving, without expanding surface.

2. To avoid the repeated rotation of the workpiece, the tool path can be calculated at one time.

3. To reduce the machining allowance, the tool path can be processed in layers.

4. Rapid realization of local rotation of the workpiece processing, and can be set in the process of angle and length range.

5. The system will automatically generate a closed rotation carving processing path after the installation of rotary axis.

The five functions of rotary axis need to be understood in detail before using a rotary CNC router. This will improve the work efficiency and crafts quality.

License: The text of "How to Use Rotary CNC Router for Wood Crafts?" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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