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                                                                                                Need to update your CNC wood router with dust collection system to prevent dust from harming? Review this basic guide to CNC router dust collectors.

                                                                                                   May 29, 2023    883 (4 Min Read)

                                                                                                When we use a CNC wood router to cut or carve wood, it often produces a lot of dust. These dust particles are small. If they are directly sucked into the body, they may cause harm to the body. Moreover, the dust is not friendly to our environment, so It is very necessary to have a dust collector.

                                                                                                The dust collector system adopts negative pressure working mode. Dust-containing gas enters the box through the air inlet. Under the action of the negative pressure of the induced draft fan, the gas penetrates the filter material from the outside of the filter bag into the filter bag, the dust in the gas is filtered on the surface of the filter material, and the clean gas enters the clean room and is discharged from the air outlet. When the dust accumulates on the surface of the filter material, the resistance becomes larger and larger. When the set value is reached (it can also be set regularly), the pulse valve opens, and the compressed air is directly blown to the center of the filter bag to pulse the filter bag sequentially. Clean the dust and resume low-resistance operation.

                                                                                                The dust collection system of wood CNC router machine mainly consists of the following equipment: fan, dust collection box, air ducting system, suction point control device, fan power controller, and electric control box.


                                                                                                It is a blower used to provide suction power. The fan requires large air volume and high air pressure performance, and 4-72 centrifugal ventilation fans are generally used.

                                                                                                Dust Box

                                                                                                It is used for dust collection and gas dust separation.

                                                                                                Air Ducting System

                                                                                                It is a piping system linking the central dust collection box and operation equipment, and is a channel for airflow and dust. The diameter of the air duct is designed according to the air volume, and it is designed in a step-by-step shrinking method. According to the layout of operating equipment. (Built-in fire detection head and fire extinguishing sprinkler system will be ordered separately by the buyer).

                                                                                                Suction Point Control Device

                                                                                                It is used to follow the opening or closing of the operating equipment to control the electric damper at the air duct interface of the equipment. When the equipment is opened or closed, the air volume pressure sensor will transmit the received signal to the electric control box, and the electric control box controls the opening of the corresponding electric damper or close, (customer chooses automatic or manual).

                                                                                                Fan Power Controller

                                                                                                The signal from the air volume pressure sensor received by the electric control box is simultaneously transmitted to the frequency conversion controller. The frequency conversion controller adjusts the frequency up and down according to the pressure, and controls the fan speed to follow the opening or closing of the operating equipment and the power of the equipment to make corresponding changes to achieve the purpose of energy-saving operation, set according to the actual situation.

                                                                                                (Fire detection box extinguishing sprinkler: built-in fire detector, fire extinguishing sprinkler, and fire piping for fire monitoring and treatment in the air duct) to be determined separately.

                                                                                                Electric Control Box

                                                                                                It is the electrical intelligent control system of the central dust removal system. According to the received signal, it can control the operation of the main engine, electric damper, fire protection system, etc. in a timely manner. The fan frequency conversion starts.

                                                                                                The dust collection system adopts the combined design of dust self-falling and filter bag strong filtration, that is, the airflow enters the middle box of the dust collector and is discharged from the filter header of the upper box. The direction of the airflow is opposite to the direction in which the dust falls into the ash hopper. The purified air can be directly discharged from the air outlet, which not only greatly reduces the resistance of the dust collector, reduces the load of the fan, but also saves power consumption. It is also conducive to the sedimentation of dust to achieve the purpose of rate dust removal and purification.

                                                                                                The dust collection system of CNC wood router has four optional functions: offline cleaning, online cleaning, constant pressure difference cleaning, and timing cleaning. It also has pressure and temperature detection systems and manual manual control methods. Adopt advanced air inlet diversion and current sharing technology to ensure uniform flow distribution and unblocked ash unloading. The pulse valve ensures the service life and thorough cleaning. The filter bag of the dust collector is easy to install and has good sealing performance, which can realize the bag change without stopping the machine.

                                                                                                The dust collector system is when the dust-containing gas enters the dust removal system from the air inlet, it first encounters the inclined plate and baffle in the middle of the air inlet and outlet, and the airflow turns to flow into the ash hopper. At the same time, the airflow speed slows down. Directly into the ash hopper. It plays a role of pre-collecting dust. The airflow entering the ash hopper is then folded upwards and passes through the filter bag with a metal skeleton inside. The dust is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag. The air outlet is discharged, and the dust-containing gas is purified through the filter bag. As time increases, more and more dust accumulates on the filter bag, which increases the resistance of the filter bag, resulting in a gradual decrease in the processing air volume. For normal work, it must be controlled When the resistance is within a certain range (140-180mm water column), the filter bag must be cleaned. When cleaning the dust, the pulse controller will trigger each control valve to open the pulse valve in sequence, and the compressed air in the air bag will pass through the holes of the nozzle The tube is sprayed into each corresponding filter bag, and the filter bag instantly expands rapidly, causing the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag to fall off, and the filter bag is regenerated. The cleaned dust falls into the ash hopper and is discharged from the body through the ash discharge system. As a result, the dust accumulated on the filter bag is periodically pulsed to clean the dust, so that the purified gas can pass through normally, and the dust removal system is guaranteed to operate

                                                                                                For security reasons, operators to wear protective glasses and a dust mask to protect the eyes and respiratory organs, workers, especially in the fine type of wood dust on the CNC router operator should wear large masks to prevent dust from harming.

                                                                                                License: The text of "A Basic Guide to Dust Collection System for CNC Wood Router" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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