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In summer, the temperature is getting higher, the rainfall will increase, how to maintain CNC wood routers to ensure the normal use and extend the service life?

   May 29, 2023    634 (2 Min Read)

CNC wood router maintenance in summer

During the summer, with the changes in the weather, the temperature is more and more high, precipitation with the increase, the seasonal variation in the process must be to ensure that the CNC wood router, operating rules, then how to protect it? And what measures? The following for you to explain in detail:

1. If the machine in the use of smoke, odor, noise and other abnormal situation, please immediately stop using.

2. Prohibit the installation of debugging in the cloudy and rainy weather, thunder of wood CNC router machine.

3. Ban the CNC wood router installed in the open air environment, most of the mechanical equipment, the most humid environment.

4. CNC woodworking machine used to strictly do not meet the rated voltage of the power supply.

5. Not destroyed or replaced the woodworking CNC machine can be genuine parts, and cables.

6. If the machine into a liquid, metal objects, etc., should be promptly cleaned after the engraving, and pay attention to the guide rail, rack and other lubricating oil.

7. According to different wood CNC machine materials, different engraving depth, select the appropriate tool, as well as set the appropriate engraving speed.

8. Strictly according to the training requirements of the company to operate, processing size shall not exceed the scope of the machine specification.

9. Water cooling spindle motor must ensure that the water pipe is fixed and reliable, the water is clean, the water is clear, the motor is aging due to leakage or water pipe, and should be replaced in time.

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