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                                                                  How to choose the best CNC plasma cutter? It's hard to make a decision for a beginner, don't worry, STYLECNC will help you to do it.

                                                                   Updated on Aug 31, 2021    719 (3 Min Read)

                                                                  CNC plasma cutting machines are widely used in various industries such as automobiles, locomotives, ships, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel structures, textiles, and petroleum. Advanced CNC software can realize full-time, automatic and efficient cutting. So, how to choose a CNC plasma cutter?

                                                                  1. Budget

                                                                  Before buying a CNC plasma cutter, you must first consider your budget before you can start your shopping journey.

                                                                  2. Model

                                                                  According to the user's requirements for the metal material and thickness to be cut, as well as the cutting efficiency and cutting quality, select and decide the type of CNC plasma cutting machine.

                                                                  3. Configuration

                                                                  According to the material and product cutting processing requirements and technology, especially the cutting thickness and perforation ability, the specific configuration of the CNC plasma cutting machine is selected and determined.

                                                                  In particular, it should be noted that the maximum cutting thickness of the plasma power supply is not the effective perforation and cutting thickness, but the flame thick plate perforation technology and process and the effective plasma perforation ability are the effective cutting thickness and key cutting technology of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

                                                                  4. Machine Tool Quality and Accuracy

                                                                  The machine tool structure of the CNC cutting machine, the quality of the rack and pinion, the quality of the guide rail and the reducer, the grounding and shielding of the machine tool installation, and the verification of the cutting machine accuracy will all determine the cutting quality of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

                                                                  5. CNC Plasma Cutting System

                                                                  The stability of the CNC plasma cutting system is very important. If the system is unstable and the CNC system cannot work, the company needs to stop production and wait to replace or repair the system. This is a serious loss for you and the plasma cutting machine manufacturer.

                                                                  6. Plasma Cutting Efficiency and Quality

                                                                  The cutting efficiency and cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machines are the most concerned by users, not only the focus of the user's acceptance of the machine, but also the standard by which users evaluate the quality of CNC plasma cutters. In particular, it should be pointed out that under the circumstances that the hardware of the CNC plasma cutting machine is basically the same or similar, the cutting efficiency and cutting quality are mainly determined by software, not hardware.

                                                                  CNC plasma cutting machine with different working gases can cut all kinds of oxygen to cut difficult to cut metal, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel); its main advantage is its cutting thickness For small metals, the plasma cutting speed is fast, especially when cutting ordinary carbon steel sheets, the speed can reach 5-6 times that of the oxygen cutting method, the cutting surface is smooth, the thermal deformation is small, and there is almost no heat affected zone.

                                                                  The development of CNC plasma cutting system to the present, the working gas can be used (the working gas is the conductive medium of the plasma arc, and it is also a heat carrier, and the molten metal in the notch must be excluded). The cutting characteristics of the plasma arc and the cutting quality and speed All have obvious effects. Commonly used plasma arc working gases are argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, air, water vapor and some mixed gases.

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