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After a period of operation, your stone CNC routing speed may slow down, so how to speed up your stone CNC router machine? STYLECNC will tell you as following.

 Apr 20, 2016    867 (2 Min Read)

After many customers bought the stone cnc router, the engraving speed is very quickly in technical training, after a period of operation, because of the operation is not blocked, you may lost some configuration information or set, this will cause the high speed stone cnc router into the low speed stone cnc router, so how to speed up stone cnc router?

How to speed up stone cnc router

The most important aspect of which is to set the operating parameters of the machine, manual low speed, manual high-speed impact of the machine in the manual mode speed, air-way speed affects the speed of the machine after carrying knives when non-transport, processing speed of the machine is not difficult to understand normal speed machining. These speeds should be considered based on the overall performance and the hardness of the stone cnc router work material, try to set it to the maximum in order to improve efficiency

Doing the same word to select a different tool in the software will generate a different tool paths, the tool path is not the same as it means that the processing time will close the gap. So we are doing when we must choose the path of good tool type, in the context of the path choice model can make larger size tool path thus generated would be reduced, the actual processing time will be reduced. There is an important setting, the software carrying knives distance setting. If the value is bigger, stone CNC router will run longer in the operation process of the hollow, we can set this value to a minimum according to the smoothness of the material .

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