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In order to solve the language problem in the use of NcStudio controller, STYLECNC will offer the Chinese-English manual for NcStudio software troubleshooting.

   May 29, 2023    1089 (4 Min Read)

NcStudio Chinese-English user manual

1. Chinese-English Words and phrases for NcStudio


2D plt depth 二维PLT加工深度




About NcStudio 关于NcStudio 


Acceleration 加速度


Advanced functions 高级加工指令


Advanced MDI 执行加工指令


Advanced start 高级开始


All axes  全部轴


Auto 自动


Auto mode parameter  自动参数


Auxiliary functions  辅助功能




Background  背景


Bottom view  仰视图




Calibration  对刀


Cancel 取消


Center of circle  圆心坐标


Center view  居中


Change description  变换说明


Clear view  清除画面


Close 关闭


Connection acceleration 设定弯道加速度


Coordiate  坐标


Copy 复制


Current 实际值


Current coordinate  当前工件坐标点


Customize  属性


Cut 剪切




Deepen 0.01mm 下降0.01毫米


Delta 差值


Depth 雕刻深度


Disable mechanical limits  限位释放


Draw the mechanical limit frame 显示行程范围




Edit 编辑


Edit loaded file  编辑当前加工程序


Editor 程序编辑


End (mechanical) coor 终点(机械)坐标


Enter simulation mode then start  进入仿真模式并开始仿真


Execute 执行


Exit 退出




Federate  进给速率


File  文件


File information  加工程序信息


File name  文件名


Find 查找


Find the next 查找下一个


Fit to window 调整至窗口大小


Front view 正视图


Full screen 全屏




G00 feedrate 空程速度




Height 高度


Help 帮助


Horizontal 横铣


how log window 显示系统日志窗口




I/O state  IO状态




Import parameter 文件输入


Inner 内框




Jiggle 微调


JOG 点动


Jog feedrate 手动速度




Left view 左视图


Limit 限位


Linear acceleration  单轴加速度


List view  列表


Load the saved workpiece origin 读取保存过的工件原点


Log 系统日志




M.coor 机械坐标


Machine 机床


Machining  加工参数


Machining feedrate  机器速度


Machining range 加工范围


Manager 程序管理


Manual 手动


Max  最大


Maximum rpm of the spindle  主轴最高转速


Midpoint  中点


Midpoint  X轴中点


Min  最小


Mirror axis  轴镜像


Mobile calibrator  浮动对刀


Mobile calibrator  对刀块


Motion range 运动范围


Motor parameter 电机参数


Move to reference point 回机械原点


Move to workpiece origin  回工件原点




New  新建加工程序


No information 没有加工文件信息


Normal jog feedrate 手动低速


Northeast  东北等轴侧视图


Northwest view 西北等轴侧视图


Note 注意




OK 确定


Open and load 打开并编辑


Operator  操作


Order 序号


Outer 外框




Parameter  系统参数


Paste 粘贴


Pause 暂停


Pin 引脚号


PLU per mm PLT单位每毫米


Pol.. 极性




Radius 圆弧半径


Raise 0.01mm 上升0.01毫米


Rapid jog feedrate  手动高速


Ratio 显示比例


Recent edited file  最近编辑的加工程序


Recent loaded file  最近装载的加工程序


Record X  X轴记录


Rectange frame mill 铣矩形边框


Rectange mill 矩形铣底


Remaine 剩余距离


Repeat  替换


Report view  详细资料


Resume 断点继续


Right view  右视图


Round frame Mill  铣圆形边框


Round mill  圆形铣底




Safe height  退刀点


Save 保存


Save and load 保存并装载


Save as 另存为


Save the current workpiece origin  保存当前工件原点


Select all 全选


Set work coordinate offset  设置运动坐标偏移


Set workpiece coordinate  设置当前点工件坐标


Set workpiece origin 设置当前点为工件原点


Setting 设定值


Setting directly    直接设置


Show all point 显示所有输入输出点


Show auto window    显示自动窗口


Show current point  显示当前加工点


Show editor window  显示程序编辑窗口


Show file line number 显示加工程序序号


Show file manager window 显示程序管理窗口


Show I/O state window 显示IO状态窗口


Show manual window 显示手动窗口


Show parameter window 显示系统参数窗口


Show this dialog-box while running  执行加工指令时仍显示本窗口


Show trace window  显示加工轨迹窗口


Simulate port 仿真输入点


Single block 单段执行


Southeast view 东南等轴侧视图


Southwest 西南等轴侧视图


Space 刀尖间距


Spindle 主轴参数


Spindle high rev  主轴高速


Spindle low rev 主轴低速


Spindle medial rev  主轴中速


Start 开始


Start (mechanical) coor 起点(机械)坐标


"Start point(i.e. ,bottom-left corner)" 开始左边(即坐下角坐标)


Start up/stop delay of the spindle 主轴启动(停止)时间


Status bar  状态栏


Stop 停止




Tag 名称


Thickness of the mobile calibrator  对刀块的厚度


Tip of the day 每日提示


Toggle polarity 反向该点极性


Tool bar 工具栏


Tool radius 刀具直径


Top view 俯视图


Total time 花费时间


Trace 跟踪颜色


Trace 加工轨迹


Trace current line  跟踪加工程序当前行


Turn on coolant 冷却开启


Turn on spindle 主轴开启




Undo 撤消


Unit: mm  单位:毫米


Unload 卸载




Vertical  纵铣


View 查看




W.coor 工件坐标


Width 宽度


Windows 窗口


Workbench  工作台行程




Z axis  Z轴


Zoom in 缩小


Zoom out  放大


Zoom ratio  显示比例


2. Chinese-English Sentence interpretation for NcStudio


Clear view after opening a new file 




Enable the default spindle rpm, and ignore the rm declare in the file




Enable the default feedrate, and ignore declared in the file




Enable the self-adaption optimization algorithm for the feedrate ,which will give better performance of machining  effection




IJK increment mode, which means IJK values at a circle G code are incremental values from the center of the circle




In order to avoid the position error caused by accidental cause, such as power off, emergency stop .please carry out this step to build or correct the mechanical coordinate after software starts up and an emergency stop occurred.




Input displacement-per-pulse of each axis, which are the displacement between cutter and workbench wherever the motor receives a pulse




Note : please restart after changing above parameters




Please input the password to open the manufactory parameter window




Push the left button, then all axes move to the reference point in order Z, X and Y axes




Please select one of the following three ways




Push the left buttons, then corresponding axis moves back to the mechanical reference points




Reverse axis Z when import (plt or eng) file




Safe height is the Z-axis workpiece coordinate where tools does never touch workpieces accidentally




Set the workbench dimensions, which decide when the system raises an out-of-limit alarm after the mechanical coordinate has become effective 




Set the angle-per-pulse while Y axis is a revolving axis



The time is calculated at 100% federate, perhaps not equal to the actual value




Tip : press TURBO(or CTRL) key jog more rapidly 




Tip : this dialog-box is a model-less, it means the main window is still active




To perform a calibration action, Continue ?




You can validate the mechanical coordinate directly if you confirm that you had done this step at the last start-up and  *The machine is not powered off  *No emergency stop occurred


如果你肯定当前位置与机械坐标一致,请执行直接设定操作。你必须确保在此之前:*机床没有关闭过 *机床没有紧停发生过

License: The text of "NcStudio Controller Chinese-English User Manual" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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