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CNC router is easy to produce some accidents in summer, what protection works need to do in thunderstorm days? STYLECNC will tell you in this article.

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What protection works need to do for a CNC router in thunderstorm days?

In summer, thunderstorm days also began to rise, CNC router is easy to produce some accidents without a good job of protection in time, it will affect the safety of staff. So, what protection works need to do for a CNC router in thunderstorm days? Here STYLECNC will tell you.

1. In thunderstorm days, we must ensure a good working environment, reduce electrostatic interference, improve the stability of the CNC router machine and the protection of the operator.

2. Do not put the CNC router machine in the humid environment or the place with air humidity higher than 35%. Although the CNC router shape by the steel and iron relatively stocky, but the CNC router "brain" is a circuit board of electronic components, it will generate short circuit fault of unnecessary in the humid environment.

3. The summer is generally residents electricity peak and often accompanied by thunderstorms, this will lead to the emergence of power supply circuit voltage instability, and other phenomena, This often shows the spindle stop to turn on the CNC router machine. it also appears to drive overload burn down in the the CNC router machine with lower configuration, so, the customers should connect the corresponding model of the regulator in our technician in order to reduce unnecessary losses.

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