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In the use of CNC woodworking machine, you may be troubled with stepper motor driver problems, review the article to learn how to resolve the problems.

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Stepper motor driver

The stepper motor driver housing of CNC wood router has not used aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy casing magnetically shielded, so the highly sensitive receiver system cause interference, it can not work, and pollution power, resulting in single-chip control system and PC unable to communicate, causing severe micro controller crash, it caused difficulties for normal use, and therefore the interference problem must be addressed.

Take the following measures to solve them:

1. Install power filters, reducing AC power pollution.

2. "A little ground" principle. The mains filter, the drive PE (ground) (drive and chassis floor insulation), and the direction of the control pulse PULSE- DIR- short pulse lead after the motor ground wire cable between the drive and the motor protective cover, drive Shielding lines are connected to the grounding screw on the chassis wall, and requires good contact.

3. Try to increase the control cable and power cable (L, N), from the motor drive cable (U, V, W) between to avoid overlap. For example, we deal with two-axis drive system in the same chassis drive installation position, a drive plate facing forward, the other backward, and so that these leads as short as possible on the structural arrangement.

4. Use shielded cable to reduce the disturbance of their own, or their own (power line) outside interference.

After the above processing, The stepper motor driver of CNC wood router is reliable.

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