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Why CNC router spindle not working? STYLECNC has summed up the 12 problems and solutions for your reference.

 Feb 10, 2016    1044 (2 Min Read)

cnc router spindle

1. Inverter power is small, select the power level of the inverter.

2. Motor insulation level is to meet the requirements.

3. The output side of the short circuit, the motor cable is damaged.

4. To accelerate the flow, the acceleration time is too short, to extend the acceleration time.

5. Appropriate to reduce the value of V/F compensation.

6. V/F curve selection is not appropriate, according to the actual situation of load adjustment V/F curve.

7. The rotation of the motor to start again, to be completely shut down after the motor and then start.

8. Heavy load, reduce the load.

9. Check the inverter LED display display of the error code (see inverter specification error code).

10. Check the voltage is stable, whether it is beyond the scope of the frequency converter.

11. Check the cnc router spindle bearing is intact, the absence of power, hand rotation chuck, see whether smooth rotation.

12. Check whether there is line phase, short circuit phenomenon.

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