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In the summer, how to ensure the normal use of woodworking CNC router? Here, Let us tell you 9 tips on how to use woodworking CNC router rightly in summer.

 Mar 26, 2016    774 (2 Min Read)

Woodworking cnc router maintenance method in summer

In summer, as the weather changes, more and more high temperatures, rainfall will increase as the season changes in the process, must ensure that the normal use of woodworking CNC router, operating rules, then how to protect it? The following tips for you to explain in details:

1. If the smoke and odor, woodworking CNC router noise and other abnormal situations in use, please stop using immediately.

2. Prohibit the installation of debugging in the cloudy and rainy weather, thunder of CNC wood router.

3. Prohibit wood CNC router installed in an open environment, most mechanical equipment most avoid damp environment.

4. Power CNC wood router does not meet the rigorous rated voltage.

5. Can not be destroyed or replaced the original accessories, wood CNC router and cable.

6. If the wood CNC machine in accidentally fall into the liquid, metal objects, carved after should be cleared up, and pay attention to the guide and rack regularly add lubricant to.

7. According to different materials, different CNC machine engraving depth, select the appropriate tool, and set the appropriate engraving speed.

8. In strict accordance with the company's training requirements for operation, shall not exceed the processing size with woodworking CNC router machine specification range.

9. Water cooled spindle motor work must ensure reliable fixation, water pipe cleaning, water flow, water pipes or Water Leakage motor because of aging, should be replaced.

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