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In order to ensure the high quality of woodworking, we should do a calibration work for the CNC wood router before woodworking.

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How to calibrate the precision of CNC wood router?

In order to ensure the high quality of woodworking, you should use high precision CNC wood router. Before woodworking, we should do a calibration work for the CNC wood router. We can calibrate the precision through the following two ways.

Manual Calibration

We can put down the plane line of CNC wood router, start the spindle, and then measure manually. You should stop when got a suitable location. In order to ensure the precision, you can measure on a right position, Of course, the different materials of table will affect the results of the measurement.

Computer Calibration

Computer calibration is more simple compared to the manual calibration, we can open the settings panel of CNC wood router to set, calibrate the precision of CNC wood router through the test path, save the path directly after alignment.

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