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As a CNC woodworker, you may wonder how to choose the right tool for your wood CNC machine? In this article, we will make a practical guide to CNC router bits for woodworking.

   Mar 16, 2023    2581 (3 Min Read)

There are many types of CNC routers for woodworking, and there are many types of router bits used for CNC router machines. How to choose the right one among many types of tools? This is a method, because if you choose the right tool, it will bring more benefits to your CNC woodworking projects, on the contrary, if you choose the wrong tool, it will bring negative side effects to your woodworking plans. It is precisely the CNC router bit that has such a role. Next, we will explain in details on how to choose CNC router bits for woodworking.

CNC Router Bits for Woodworking

First of All, We Need to Clarify the Following Tips

1. The nature of the material being cut.

The object of wood cutting is solid wood and wood composite materials. Solid wood can be divided into soft wood, hard wood and modified wood and more. Wood composite materials include veneer laminate, plywood, particle board, oriented particle board, large particle board, gypsum particle board, cement particle board, hard fiber board, medium density fiberboard, high-density fiberboard, blockboard, glued composite materials and more. Some pieces of wood or wood composite materials are also subjected to single-sided or double-sided veneer decoration.

2. The cutting direction of the tool.

In solid wood cutting, wood cutting is divided into longitudinal, transverse, end and longitudinal end, longitudinal and transverse and transverse end cutting according to the direction of the blade relative to the wood fiber.

3. The turning direction and feeding direction of the woodworking CNC router tool.

According to the rotation direction of the machine tool axis and the feed direction of the wood workpiece, determine the tilt direction of the blade on the tool.

4. Stability of tool and workpiece.

The stability of the cutting tool and the workpiece during the cutting process includes several aspects. The stability of the workpiece means that the wood workpiece is fed smoothly during the cutting process without jumping. The measures taken to strengthen the stability of the workpiece are mainly to reduce the center of gravity of the workpiece and increase the contact area of the wood CNC router machine.

5. The quality requirements of CNC woodworking.

The surface quality of wood workpieces includes surface roughness, geometric dimensions and shape position accuracy.

10 Tips to Choose CNC Router Bits for Woodworking

1. High-density board or solid wood processing, which is recommended to use a ridge cutter.

2. Multi-layer board or plywood processing, which is recommended to use a double-edged straight groove milling cutter.

3. Acrylic mirror machining, which is recommended to use diamond machining tool.

4. Rough machining particle board processing, which is recommended to use multi-strip milling cutter.

5. Cork, density board, native wood, PVC board, acrylic large-scale deep relief processing, which is recommended to use single-edged spiral ball-end milling cutter.

6. Aluminum plate cutting, which is recommended to use a single-blade special aluminum milling cutter. Because the single-edge special aluminum milling cutter does not stick to the tool during the processing, the speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

7. Precision small relief processing, which is recommended to use a round bottom cutter.

8. Burr-free cutting process, which is recommended to use a single-edged, double-edged up and down cutting cutter. The use effect of the lower cutter, no burrs on the upper surface of the processed product, and no rocking during processing.

9. MDF cutting process, which is recommended to use a double-tool large chip evacuation spiral milling cutter, which has two high-capacity chip evacuation grooves, a double-edged design, which not only has a good chip evacuation function, but also achieves a good tool Balanced, when processing medium and high density boards, there is no blackening, no cap smoking, and long service life. It is very popular.

10. Acrylic cutting, which is recommended to use single-edged spiral milling cutter. The characteristics of single-edged spiral milling cutters are: smokeless and odorless during processing, high speed, high efficiency, non-sticky chips, and truly environmental protection. Its special manufacturing process ensures that the processing of acrylic does not burst, and extremely fine tool lines (even no tool lines) ), The surface is smooth and smooth. If the surface needs to be sanded, it is recommended to use a double cutter spiral milling cutter.

The selection method of wood CNC machine tools has been verified by practice and has been widely used. Correctly selecting the corresponding wood CNC router bits for different processing materials according to the above methods is of great help to precision woodworking and improve efficiency.

License: The text of "How to Choose CNC Router Bits for Woodworking?" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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