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The factors that affect fiber laser cutting machine performance include laser generator, light path, air cock, auxiliary gas, cutting parameters and materials.

   Aug 31, 2021    561 (2 Min Read)

What Affects the Performance of Fiber Laser Cutter Machine?

Laser generator


Single-mode, multimode, low mode are suitable for thin plate cutting, high-modulus is suitable for thick plate cutting


The cutting performance is decided by the laser power

Light path

Collimating mirror

The larger collimation, the smaller focusing spot,the higher focused energy, the shorter focal dept,is not suitable for cutting thick plate,usually use F=75mm,F=100mm

Focusing lens

the smaller focusing lens, the larger focusing spot,short of focal depth,is suitable for cutting thin plate,usually use F=150mm,F=200mm

Air cock

Gas mouth shape

Effect the speed of the cutting point airflow

Gas mouth size

1.0-2.0mm different thickness of plate,choose different size of gas mouth

Gas mouth height

Effect airflow, then effect the final cutting result

Auxiliary gas

Dry,oily degrees

Effect on laser energy

Gas purity

Oxygen purity 2% lower,cutting speed lower50%

Gas flow

Size of flow,effect the cutting speed and effect on the back

Gas pressure

The pressure, effect cutting speed meter edge effectivness

Cutting parameters

Cutting speed

The speed, pressure, laser power, all effect the cutting results

Height of focus

Depth of focus determines the work positionof focus on different thickness of the plate

Cutting materials

Thickness of plate

0.1-12mm thickness plate,affect the efficiency and effectiveness

Melting point of material

melting point,affect the cutting effectiveness

Material absorptivity of laser

The material absorptance of laser ( 1.64um )

Fiber laser cutting machine
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