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                                                                                                Generally speaking, CNC router table adjustment and correction operation has two kinds of debugging methods: manual debugging of and computer debugging.

                                                                                                   May 29, 2023    908 (2 Min Read)

                                                                                                Manual debugging of CNC router table

                                                                                                First, find the lowest point of the CNC router table, and then put the knife under 0.5 - 1mm depth, start the spindle, manual operation to run back and forth, repeated control to the appropriate location. Need to pay attention to is based on the different surface materials, choose different feed rate.

                                                                                                Manual debugging steps are relatively simple, but the process of debugging and time will be relatively long, and the accuracy of the general debugging.

                                                                                                CNC router table computer debugging

                                                                                                CNC router computer debugging refers to the use of engraving software program to automatically debug. The specific operation steps are as follows:

                                                                                                1. set layout

                                                                                                Open - set the page size (cnc router software with a ruler measuring table black PVC plate size)

                                                                                                2. set the origin

                                                                                                Click [options] - to define the origin - click on the lower left corner of the page to determine the right click to cancel the definition of the origin command

                                                                                                3. mapping

                                                                                                Click [graphic] -- [square], free to draw a rectangle -- right click the rectangular modifying graphical parameters -- the wide and high setting and layout the same size - click [change], click on the right sidebar align toolbar - centered horizontally and vertically ranks in the graphics and layout of coincidence

                                                                                                4. do the path

                                                                                                Select graphics, click [D] -- overcast carved, carving depth (down milling deep set much), cancel the tool compensation, carving way choice horizontal milling bottom, straight knife: random distribution of the bottom knife (width W1: 20,height H1:10) add and select, click tool library, cancel processing -- [identified]

                                                                                                5. save the carving path

                                                                                                Selected well path, click [save carving a path -- click [search] find the location to save and file types choose the second *.nc named after the click [save] -- to lift distance generally set 5-10, click [confirmed]

                                                                                                6. the path into the application to do the macro control

                                                                                                CNC router table debugging correction of two operation methods are relatively simple, but if you want to pursue the processing precision, usually using the computer debugging operation, only to the surface of cnc wood router debugging good, in order to improve the work efficiency and the processing quality.

                                                                                                License: The text of "How to Adjust the Accuracy of CNC Router?" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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