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UV Laser Marking Machine

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3D crystal laser engraving machine is a 3D Cubiio compact laser engraver for inner laser crystal engraving, laser engraving inside glass, and custom internal etching acrylic, which is suitable for bubblegram, trophies, portrait, names and more personalized gift souvenirs with 3D subsurface laser crystal engraving business, projects, ideas, and plans.

Product Overview

High Speed 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine for Sale

Product Introduction

What Is 3D Crystal Laser Engraver?

3D crystal laser engraving machine is a type of professional 3D laser engraver to etch & engrave 2D or 3D patterns, designs inside of the crystal cube or glass by Ultraviolet laser. The 3D inner laser crystal engraving machine is widely used to do business in malls or tourisim place, you can also do business online for 2D & 3D crystal photo engraving, high precision crystal product mass processing, art photo engraving, personalized crystal gift engraving, high-grade glass anti-counterfeiting, glass decorating, glass marking and more industries. It's also called as 3D laser crystal engraving machine, 3D crystal laser engraver, 3D crystal laser etching machine, 3D portrait engraving machine, 3D trophy engraving machine, 3D subsurface laser crystal engraving machine, bubblegram making machine.

How Does 3D Inner Crystal Laser Engraving Machine Work?

The principle of 3D crystal laser internal engraving machine is not the phenomenon of light interference, but because the laser intensity at the focus point is high enough. Although transparent materials are generally transparent to the laser and do not absorb laser energy, they will It produces a non-linear effect and absorbs a large amount of energy in a short time to produce a micro-burst at the focal point, and a large number of micro-burst points form an internal engraving pattern.

The inner laser engraving patterns of crystal and glass are made by a computer-controlled laser inner engraving machine. In fact, most of the crafts commonly seen are not real crystals, but artificial crystals. "Laser" is the most useful tool for "internal carving" of man-made crystals (also called "crystal glass"). Using laser engraving technology, the plane or three-dimensional pattern is "carved" in the crystal glass.

When laser internal engraving, there is no need to worry that the incoming laser will melt the substance on the straight line, because the laser maintains the form of light energy when passing through a transparent object and does not generate excess heat. Only at the point of interference will it be transformed into internal energy to melt the substance.

Features of 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine:

1. The 3D laser engraving machine can engrave on both 2D and 3D (depends on your design).

2. The control system is easy to operate, integrated automatic center function, operator is easy to put the crystal.

3. Good beam quality, high stability, exquisite carving point effect. long lifespan.

4. Air-cooling semiconductor laser type, high end pumped solid state laser technology is adopted.

5. The 3D laser engraver supports multiple data formats: the software can support data in DXF, cad, BMP, JPG and other formats with good compatibility.

6. The 3D laser internal engraving machine is also nice for large format engraving as big as 300*400*130mm.

7. The laser machine operation is simple: software friendly interface, easy to learn, automatic center function, convenient operation and personnel placement crystal.

8. Strong adaptability: equipped with shockproof system, effectively prevent equipment transport due to accidental impact in use process cause harm to the machine core components.

9. High frequency: using high-speed galvanometer laser scanning way, speed up to 300000 dots/min, save the time of engraving.

10. High stability Carving effect delicate: using advanced semiconductor side pumped solid state laser technology.

11. The 3D laser internal engraver adopts sealed integration design, good beam quality, high stability, fine engraving effect, low maintenance.

12. Environmental protection, Low noise: no compressor pumps and high power fan, no pollution.

Technical Parameters of 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine:



Laser wavelength


Laser pumping

Semiconductor Diode

Laser frequency


Maximum pulse energy


Laser power




Pulse width


Beam quality


Maximum engrave speed points

1800000 dots/minutes

Maximum marking scope


Laser head




Focal length


Focus diameter



Air cooling

Application material

Crystal glass and more

Device input power

AC220V±10% or AC220V±10% 50-60Hz

3D Subsurface Laser Crystal Engraving Machine Details:

3D Subsurface Laser Engraving Machine for Crystal in Factory:

All axis transmission by high accuracy ballscrew:

Big torque motor of 3D laser crystal engraving machine:

Taiwan MW power supply, stable and long lifespan:

High speed scanning head of 3D laser crystal engraver machine:

The core parts laser source of 3D laser crystal engraving machine:

3D Laser Engraver for Crystal Applications:

3D inner crystal laser engraver machine is used to engrave 2D/3D designs inside of crystal, acrylic, glass and other transparent materials. It can engrave 2D/3D portrait, footprints, hand, trophy and other personalized souvenirs. It can also be used for mass production of 2D/3D plants, animal, cars, buildings, other models and 3D scenes.

The 3D laser internal engraving machine can take the 3D portraits on the human body with one 3D camera, and make beam dots inside of crystal through the inner laser engraving technology, it can create dots to form one 3D human images.

Applied Industries:

Advertising, photographic studio, gallery, photo print shops, tourism, hotel, urban scenic spots, wedding photo, personalized gift shop, tourist souvenir, and other consumption activities industries.

Applied Materials:

Crystal, glass, acrylic, decoration materials and more transparent materials.

3D Laser Engraving Machine for Inner Crystal Projects:

Package of 3D Cubiio Compact Laser Engraver:

The normal package is wooden box. If export to european countries, the wooden box will be fumigated. If container is too tigher, we will use PE film for packing or pack it according to customer's special request.

We also offer 3D laser engraving machines for metal with fiber laser source, 3D dynamic laser engraving machine with CO2 laser source:

3D laser engraving machine for metal

3D dynamic laser engraving machine

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from United Kingdom

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This 3D laser engraver was purchased to expand our one line custom designed product business. I love the easy to use fast set up that really let us jump right into releasing product to the market. It’s high quality and affordable price is perfect for small businesses like ours or the everyday enthusiast. It is fairly easy to use. So far it pretty good once you get the hang of it and figure out what setting. The instructions with English were easy enough to understand. Overall it’s a wonderful product that is sure to be put to great use. Really looking forward to future versions of this machine.

from Canada

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Very happy with the purchase. The engraving quality is very good. Be sure you use a quality image and be prepared to resize it to your needs. Engraving time is fast and it does work well. Good luck.

from United States

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We bought the STYLECNC 3d crystal laser engraving machine for inner marking crystal and glass, very good effect, highly recommended.

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