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                                                                                      CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine

                                                                                       4.9/5 - 10 votes

                                                                                      $7480.00 - $7880.00

                                                                                      100 Sets / Month In Stock

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                                                                                      New design automatic CNC wood lathe machine is equipped with double axis for turning staircases, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts, table legs, chair legs, bed rails, baseball bats, etc. Now the wood lathe for sale at low price.

                                                                                      Product Overview

                                                                                      Product Introduction

                                                                                      Features of Automatic CNC Wood Lathe Machine

                                                                                      1. The whole lathe machine body is cast iron, which is high temperature annealing and vibrating stress relief, so the lathe body is stabilized and will not be deformed forever.

                                                                                      2. The wood lathe machine is equipped with 2pcs spindles for twisting, grooving, slotting, etc.

                                                                                      3. The wood lathe adopts advanced DSP system with USB connection, operated with the handle, convenient operation. The lathe can completely work off-line and do not take any computer resources.

                                                                                      4. The wood lathe adopts Germany ball screw and Taiwan PMI helical square guide rail with high transmitting precision and longevity. Bid module helical/diagonal rack.

                                                                                      5. Compatible with several CAD/CAM design software: type3, artcam, etc.

                                                                                      6. Rotating speed is adjusted by inverter, and the speed data is shown on controlling cabinet panel.

                                                                                      7. One time tool setting to finish the whole work piece.

                                                                                      8. Double axis can double working efficiency, with 4 pcs wood lathe cutter make the wood cutting more smooth and stable.

                                                                                      9. Helical gear transmission way, which makes higher working speed, and with higher weight load, smooth running, and lower noise.

                                                                                      Technical Parameters of Automatic CNC Wood Lathe Machine

                                                                                      Max processing length1500mm (2000mm/2500mm/3000mm for option)
                                                                                      Max turning diameter160mm
                                                                                      Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
                                                                                      PowersupplyAC 380V 3 phase 50HZ/60HZ (220V for option)
                                                                                      Max feed rate200cm/min
                                                                                      Min setting unit0.01cm
                                                                                      Transimission typeballscrew for X Z axis,gear for Y axis
                                                                                      GuiderTaiwan Hiwin orbit
                                                                                      Main shaft rotating speed0-3000r/min
                                                                                      Motor power4kw
                                                                                      Spindle motor3.5kw air cooling spindle
                                                                                      Control SystemDSP control system
                                                                                      MotorStepper motor
                                                                                      DriverYako driver
                                                                                      InverterBest inverter
                                                                                      Drawing SoftwareAutoCAD
                                                                                      Hand controller recognise file format*.dxf

                                                                                      Optional Parts for Automatic CNC Wood Lathe Machine

                                                                                      1. More rotary axis.

                                                                                      2. Spindle.

                                                                                      3. Different power requirement.

                                                                                      4. Upgrade controller.

                                                                                      5. Servo motor.

                                                                                      6. Bigger working diameter and length, etc.

                                                                                      Automatic CNC Wood Lathe Machine Motor

                                                                                      Two Spindles for Automatic CNC Wood Lathe Machine

                                                                                      Applications of Automatic CNC Wood Lathe Machine

                                                                                      The wood lathe machine is mainly used for staircases, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts, dining table legs, end table legs, sofa table legs, bar stool legs, chair legs, chair arm posts, chair stretchers, bed rails, lamp posts, baseball bats, wood broom handle, etc.

                                                                                      Automatic CNC Wood Lathe Machine Projects

                                                                                      CNC Wood Lathe Machine Packages

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                                                                                      Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews

                                                                                      from United Kingdom

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      I've been using my new STL1516-2S2 lathe machine for a couple of days now and I am very impressed with this unit. I wore out a smaller manual wood lathe in three years and decided this CNC model is the one I wanted as a replacement. Not only because of the increased length and diameter capacities, but it has all the features that I didn't have before, such as CNC controller, double spindles, and cutters feature. Amazing lathe and I am enjoying more woodturning with the new set up. This unit is of higher quality, made in China. Five stars all the way!

                                                                                      from United States

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      After a lot of research, I went with this cnc wood lathe machine to fill my professional wood shop. I’m still impressed with the weight and feel for such a good price.

                                                                                      from Austria

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      This was very handy in my last building project. The CNC wood lathe works well. Operate instructions are clear and easy to follow.

                                                                                      from Tunisia

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      These are PERFECT! You may purchase them with complete confidence!

                                                                                      from Spain

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      Highly recommend this wood lathe. Its a great machine for turning Roman columns. Thank you! A++++

                                                                                      from Germany

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      The second wood lathe machine I bought from STYLECNC. Recommend this seller to all, honest, gregarious. fast shipping, perfect machine.

                                                                                      from Russia

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      Got it, delivered pretty fast. Everything seems fine.

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