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Model - STL1516-2A


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Twin-spindle CNC wood lathe machine comes with dual turrets to turn two pool cues made of maple, ash, ebony, ivory, pine, cocobolo, blackwood, rosewood, olive and bocotta at once for custom cue stick making, including standard sticks, snooker cues, English pool cues and American billiard cues.

Product Overview

Twin-Spindle CNC Lathe Machine for Wooden Pool Cues Making

Product Details

Whether in terms of accuracy or speed, hand-made cues can no longer keep up with the trend of the times. A Lathe has turned into a new professional turning tool kit for making billiard cues, and the CNC wood lathe is the preferred one in all types of pool cue turners for its automation, ease of use and user-friendliness.

Twin-spindle CNC wood pool cue lathe machine comes with dual spindles to turn 2 wooden billiard cue shafts with max 160mm diameter and 1500mm length at a time for custom cue stick making, and the customized turning length options are available at 2000mm, 2500mm or 3000mm.

STL1516-3A is optional with three spindles for turning 3 cue sticks at a time.

Applications of Dual-Spindle CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Pool Cues Making

STL1516-2A automatic CNC wood turning lathe with dual spindles is used to make personalzied wooden pool cues with a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, including standard pool cue, snooker cue, English billiard cue and American pool cue made of made of ash, maple, ebony, cocobolo, ivory, rosewood, blackwood, olive, pine and bocotta, as well as custom wooden cup, wooded bowl, tubular shape and vehicle wood crafts, cylinders, staircase column, Roman column, general column, table or chair legs, washstand, wooden vase, wooden tables, baseball bats, wooden furnitures, and children's bed columns. A spindle with functions of carving, slotting, hollowing is optional for this pool cue lathe, which can cut, carve and mill names, brands, logos, signs, as well as other texts and patterns to custom cue sticks.

Automatic CNC Wood Pool Cue Lathe Machine Features

• The maximum turning length is 1500mm, and the maximum turning diameter is 160mm.

• The wooden billiard cue lathe comes with double turrets for turning two sticks at the same time.

• Hiwin guide rail, TBI precision ball screw, high precision and durability.

• Heavy-duty cast iron bed, which eliminates stress through high-temperature annealing to avoid shaking when the spindle rotates at high speed or large-size workpieces are processed.

• STL1516-2A comes with a frequency converter to adjust the spindle speed.

• STL1516-2A is compatible with various CAD/CAM software such as AutoCAD, Type3, and ArtCAM, and the designed files can be transferred to the lathe via USB.

• A CNC control system with LCD screen, user-friendly, easy to use and operate. A handheld DSP controller is also available with a USB interface for offline operation.

• A spindle for cutting, grooving, broaching, and carving is optional.

Technical Parameters of Twin-Spindle CNC Lathe Machine for Wooden Pool Cues Making

Max turning length1500mm
Max turning diameter160mm
Power supplyAC380V/50hZ (AC220V for option)
Control systemsCNC controller
Follow restRotary Centre
SpindleDouble spindles
Motor controlStepper motor
Overall dimensions0.6-0.8MPa
TailstockPneumatic material clamping top
Maximum feed rate200cm/min
Spindle speed0-3000r/min
Options160mm four-jaw chuck linkage
Woodworking cleaner(Vacuum cleaner)
220V constant power variable spindle control
Four-exchange station automatic tool changer

Details of Automatic CNC Wood Pool Cue Lathe Machine

Automatic Feeding Attachment

Double Truck

A CNC Control System To Show the Whole Turning Process

Twin-Spindle CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Pool Cue Making Projects

In addition to billiard cues, STL1516-2A can also make more cylinders.


What is a pool cue lathe?

A pool cue lathe is an automatic wooden stick turning tool kit used to make clubs for billiards, which works with a CNC controller and an automatic feeding system to achieve personalized customization for players and mass production of cues.

What types of clubs can a wood lathe turn?

A wood lathe is capable of turning clubs of English pool cues and American pool cues, depending on the game you're playing. A lathe can turn playing cues, break cues, jump cues, jump-break cues, one-piece cues, house cues, snooker cues, carom cues, depending on the uses and applications.

Which woods of billiard cues can be turned with a lathe?

A lathe is ideal for turning wooden pool sticks made of ash and maple, as well as pine, red ivory, ebony, rosewood, cocobolo, blackwood, olive wood, zircote and bocote.

What length and diameter of cue sticks can a lathe turn?

Most snooker and pool cues range from 57 inches to 59 inches (1400mm to 1500mm) in length. The diameter of the club tip from 9mm to 10mm is the popular size, and pool cue shafts vary from 12mm to 14mm. A lathe typically turns cue sticks up to 1500mm in length and 160mm in diameter. However, for those special custom clubs, 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm are optional for the maximum turning length.

How much does a pool stick lathe cost?

The average cost of owning a cue lathe is $7,180. An entry-level pool cue lathe starts at around $6,280, while a professional pool stick lathe with CNC controller is priced as high as $9,680.

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Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews


Reviewed in Australia on

4 out of 5

This CNC lathe arrived in perfect condition. A well made machine with great quality control. All the parts are well built, tight and balanced. The bed frame is heavy duty with cast iron structure, which make it more stable to work. I have made some wood balusters and stair spindles. The variable speed works very well, and the automatic speed control system is easy to use, and no human intervention required. The results are fine and clean. Worth every penny. Great lathe machine for woodworking.


Reviewed in South Africa on

5 out of 5

The lathe performs as advertised. Everything arrived very well packed. Very easy to set up. This is a very nice automatic lathe to use for making wood balusters and spindles. The variable speed control is so smooth and provides instant speed control without any manipulations. I have been with it for almost 6 months and not a single failure. It is a very good quality-price ratio.


Reviewed in the United States on

5 out of 5

The lathe does a good job while it works. As a learning tool or for a carpenter turning wood bowl and spindle blanks it really is quite sufficient, or even safe.

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