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Model - STL0810-2

Type - CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine

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$4980.00 - $5180.00

320 Sets / Month In Stock

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Small wood lathe for beginners is a type of hobby CNC woodworking tool with blades instead of handheld wood turning tools for balusters, baseball bats, stair spindles, Roman columns, bowls, vases, cups, table legs, chair legs, sofa legs, ottoman legs, beads, barrels, Buddha heads, gourd pendants, arts and crafts. The automatic mini lathe for woodworking with the computerized numerical controller is used in school education, craftsman, hobbyists, small business, and home shop.

Product Overview

Small Wood Lathe for Beginners - Hobby CNC Woodworking Tool

Product Details

Small wood lathe is a kind of popular hobby CNC woodworking tool with CNC controller that can automatically finish one or two woodturning projects at the same time. The small CNC wood lathe is also known as mini wood lathe, hobby wood lathe, small CNC wood lathe machine, small wood turner, small wood turning machine.

Applications of Small Wood Lathe for Beginners - Hobby CNC Woodworking Tools

A small CNC wood turning lathe machine is used for various bowl shapes, tubular shapes, cylindrical workpieces, vehicle wood crafts, staircase columns, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts, dining table legs, end table legs, sofa table legs, bar stool legs, Roman columns, general columns, washstand, wooden vases, wooden cups, wooden tables, baseball bats, car wooden furnitures, children bed columns, chair arm posts, chair stretchers, sofa and bun feet, bed rails, lamp posts, beads and so on.

Technical Parameters of Small Wood Lathe for Beginners





Max Turning Diameter


Max Turning Length



Double Axis


Four Blades

Maximum Feed Rate


Control System

Professional PC Integrated Control System

Driving System

Stepper Motor

Power Supply

AC380V/50HZ or AC220V/50HZ/60HZ



Package Size (L*W*H)


Price Range

$4,980.00 - $5,180.00

Option Items for Hobby CNC Wood Lathe



Max Turning Diameter


Max Turning Length



Single Axis


Two Blades

Features of Small Wood Lathe for Beginners

Turning Size

Max turning diameter 200mm, Max turning length 800mm.

Simple Operation

Direct input required of autocad software, which is easy for drawing design .

Controller with USB interface is simple to use.

High Precision

Top brand square orbit and ballscrew transmission.

Long lifespan and high precision.

Processing precision: 0.01mm.

Long Cutter Lifespan

The wood lathe machine adopts super hard alloy CNC cutter (special for stainless steel), no wear for turning and milling wood.

Turning 3,000 wood pieces with 20mm diameter, no need to change cutter.

Long service life. If the cutter is damaged, replace it directly.

STL0820 Hobby CNC Wood Lathe Machine with Single Axis

Small Hobby Wood Lathe for Woodturning Projects

Hobby CNC Wood Lathe Machine Package

The normal package is plywood case, non-fumigation crate.

Service for Hobby Wood Lathe Machine

1. Training on how to install the hobby wood turning lathe machine?

2. Training on how to use the hobby wood lathe machine for beginners?

3. Training on how to maintain the best small wood lathe machine?

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License: The text of "Small Wood Lathe for Beginners - Hobby CNC Woodworking Tool" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews

from United Kingdom

Post on

Shipped quickly and well packaged, worked correctly out of the box, setup was simple. I love everything about this small wood lathe, especially the CNC controller, all projects are finished automatically. Ive used this unit several times making from bowls to table legs. All the pieces are high quality. There is no wobble or shake. Ive continued using the CNC lathe without issue in the last few months.

from Canada

Post on

The lathe is awesome, sturdy made and runs smooth. Love the variable speeds and easy adjustable. Especially the CNC controller, it makes all turning automatically. The CNC lathe meets all expectations. I would highly recommend this unit to any one.

from United States

Post on

Replaces a 60+ year-old Craftsman wood lathe. A nice piece of machinery for the beginner, or the next step up, for a home based wood-butcher hobbyist. Enjoy the sawdust youll create, Tech support is responsive and concise. Good deal all around... STYLECNC also offers lots of tools

from United Kingdom

Post on

This was an anniversary gift to my husband. I don’t know if it’s a good starter lathe for beginners. My husband had machine shop in high school so he had experience with metal lathes, this one is for wood. He loves it. We had one a wood lathe from Grizzly Industrial to begin with that worked just fine, but no CNC controller. This STYLECNC branded machine with CNC, according to my husband is extremely smooth running and the variable speed control is a luxury to enjoy. He was happy with the gift overall. Im very happy with this purchase. Its a bit more expensive than some other lathes but well worth it. I would definitely purchase it again.

from Australia

Post on

This is my first lathe to own. I have used a number of other lathes and this one is at the top. It is very quiet and smooth. The great lathe machine that not only turns bowls. I also make wood spindles on this lathe. This is plenty powerful for almost any job within the size limit of the lathe. Perfect for all my projects. It is an excellent tool for making wood stair balusters. Speed settings are easy to change. It will give you a good range of speeds for just about any project.

from United Kingdom

Post on

Great lathe machine. My husband has gotten into woodturning and this was the best beginner machine for him. He is making pens, bowls, vases, wine bottle stoppers and all kinds of things. It is a small size to just get started, it has worked well, he seems very happy with it.

from Russia

Post on

Ive had mine for about two years, and I like it. Its much better than the craftsman lathe I used to use. The variable speed is nice, and finish is excellent. This I think would be a good investment for someone looking for a CNC wood lathe.

from United States

Post on

This is my first lathe machine to start turning bowls and pens. The CNC controller makes it to be a time saver with automatic variable speed control. It is an easy lathe and I have been completely satisfied with it.