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2021 Best 5 Axis CNC Routers, Affordable 5 Axis CNC Machines for Sale at Cost Price

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5 Axis CNC Machine

Do you have an idea to DIY or buy an affordable 5 axis CNC router for 2D/3D machining? Check out the 2021 new 5 axis CNC machine buyer's guide for CNC machinists, operators and beginners, we'll offer you the best 5 axis CNC routers of 2021 with custom 5 axis CNC machining service to fit your 2D/3D machining projects, ideas or plans.

5 Axis CNC Machines for Sale

$100000.00 - $110000.00

2021 best 5 axis CNC router is designed for 3D modeling and 3D mold making, including automotive foam mold, ship model, building model, metalloid moulds, 3D surface carving and 3D shape cutting of large-scale instruments, now the best five axis CNC router for sale at cost price.

$110000.00 - $150000.00

Industrial 5 axis CNC router machine is designed for 3D CNC milling and carving in metal and foam mould making, car body making, boat and building model, pattern making. Now the industrial five axis CNC router machine for sale with best price.

$100000.00 - $150000.00

Large gantry 5 axis CNC machine is used for metal, wood and foam mold making, 3D surface carving and 3D shape cutting. Now the large format five axis CNC machine for sale at cost price.

$80000.00 - $90000.00

Small 5 axis CNC machining center is an entry-level five-axis machining center with HSD 5 axis spindle, which is widely used in mold making, 3D cutting and 3D carving. Now the small five axis CNC machining center for sale at affordable price.

$90000.00 - $120000.00

Mini 5 axis CNC milling machine with double tables is designed for 3D mold making and 3D modeling, such as wood mold making, foam mold making, automotive models, metal mold making, building models. Now the small 5 axis CNC milling machine for sale at affordable price.

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

From United States

Posted on

Long story short, Im really happy with the five axis CNC router, it runs really well and the Ive found the software SYNTEC easy to follow. Any questions I had were answered promptly and when you contact the help desk, its Mike that responds and his suggestions are simple to follow and always right on point. If youre thinking about getting into CNC, I highly recommend STYLECNC.

From Canada

Posted on

I did a research online for 5 axis CNC router for three months, and I inspected five CNC machine manufacturers from German and China, finally, I made a decision from the quality, technique, skill, power and price, I bought it from STYLECNC. 62 days later, I got the machine with 7 days door-to-door training at the same time. Now I can use the machine easily for 3d mold making, I have to say, its a great buy for me.

From Slovakia

Posted on

Just purchased this 5 axis CNC router a month ago and it is still working well. I am glad that I found this 5 axis machine and it is really convinient for my 3d carving works, it made the whole process much more simple. I like it.

From United States

Posted on

After my 5 axis machine was ready, I went to their factory for training. Their company was really professional, and their engineers taught me a lot. I‘m going to buy some other CNC machines from their company.

From United States

Posted on

Great, Im very satisfied with the quality of this 5 axis CNC router machine. My machine has been in production for half a month. My products are also very popular with customers, I really appreciate STYLECNC.

From United States

Posted on

It is my first time to buy goods from abroad, but I have to say I got one good experience for the oversea purchase from STYLECNC. For this 5 axis CNC machine, they offer free training and it is very easy to operate. The 5 axis machine is great!

From United States

Posted on

Very fast delivery from manufacturer. Assembled according to the English instructions. Powerful. I didnt expect that the 5 axis CNC machine would be so good. The engineers answer questions and help online. Recommend.