2022 Best Laser Cutter Reviews (April Update)

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Laser Cutter Reviews

Need to buy 2022 best laser cutting machines to fit your budget, projects, ideas, or plans? Check 2022 best laser cutter reviews to make a comparison up to you.

Cameron Godfrey

From United Kingdom

Posted a review on May 06, 2022

The sheet metal cutter came in good condition. So far Ive only used a handful of times, but not disappointed. It works great. I dont know why I didnt get this laser machine sooner. It cuts through 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch steel sheets like butter. Smooth edges are difficult to achieve with plasma cutters. Love my purchase. Make sure to buy the extra accessories you needed when you make an order.

Hayden Berry

From Australia

Posted a review on May 05, 2022

I have a lot of experience with fiber laser cutters. I picked this powerful unit from STYLECNC for the weight, price point, performance, and service. In short, for the money, this is a great metal cutting machine with a large format to cut 1/4-in stainless steel plate 4x8 cleanly with high speed. It can also cut 3/4-in x 3-ft plain hot rolled steel round tube smoothly with high precision.

Kenneth Hass

From United States

Posted a review on Mar 20, 2022

It has worked as needed. Powerful cutter for the price. The concentrated power this laser stainless steel cutter machine exhibits is great. Its speed goes right through metal effortlessly without extra cutting blades. The software takes a little getting used to, but once you have mastered, the cutting will become a pure pleasure.


From Australia

Posted a review on Mar 15, 2022

I bought this unit to cut 1/8 stainless steel plate and 1/4 SS sheet for kitchenware. The machine was shipped in 15 days and well packaged, it appears to be well made. I really like this laser metal cutter. It works great and fast for 4x8 full sheet metals with smooth cut edge, no binding or slowing down. Lots of power for cutting. Im happy with it.

Sean Mahmood

From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Mar 10, 2022

Good purchase. Very powerful tool. About heavier and bulkier than I expected but thats not really a complaint. I used the machine to cut some store wall panels (10mm 4x8 full sheet plywood and 1mm galvanized steel sheet) into smaller shapes. It did a very good job cutting. This will be a good laser cutter to have around for more uses. Good value for the money.

Andrew Doyle

From United States

Posted a review on Mar 05, 2022

I bought this for my workshop to cut profiles in 1/4 thick steel tube and 12 gauge sheet metal. The fiber laser metal cutting system works great for the money. I would recommend purchasing this to anyone looking for the best budget sheet metal cutter. Be safe in cutting, it is a high power laser machine, follow the safety precautions.

Charles Johnson

From United States

Posted a review on Jan 23, 2022

I never tried a laser metal cutter before. I was skeptical at first about a cheap foreign made fiber laser cutter. But I thought Id take a chance as this machine was on sale. I recently bought this unit and as such I soon had a need to cut steel. I have a chop saw but that has its limitations. Also have an angle grinder and I find that to be super slow and even a bit dangerous. So this laser machine seemed like the answer. So far I am happy with it even though I have no other one to compare it to.

George Krebs

From United States

Posted a review on Aug 26, 2021

I wanted a CO2 laser cutter to cut acrylic sheets for different craft ideas in my home shop, after weeks of researching, I finally made the purchase from STYLECNC. Everything showed up perfectly aligned and ready to engrave and cut right out of the box. Thats unheard of from anything coming directly from China. This is the way to go if you live in the U.S. This is a pleasant surprise and a great start. I will update as I go through the startup.

Sam Buzacott

From Australia

Posted a review on Aug 15, 2021

I was on the fence about this purchase for several months. I wanted to be able to cut sheet metals for different jewelry ideas, but this is a hobby for me and 32 thousands of dollars is a big investment despite this model being one of the least expensive options available. I finally came across the STYLECNCs review of the ST-FC6040 and that pushed me to make the purchase. So far so good. Unbelievable quick shipping. The metal laser cutter arrived well packaged against damage, with all components. Nothing missing. I was able to set it up easily.

Randy Devine

From United States

Posted a review on Apr 08, 2021

I got one of these machines for my woodshop. I could have bought a similar wood laser cutter elsewhere for almost $2000 less. So why buy this one? Quality and features. Unlike the cheaper ones, this machine clearly underwent a QC process prior to shipment. It arrived ready to use. The mirrors were adjusted well enough to use the machine right out of the box. The mirror adjustment screws were retained with silicone to prevent movement in shipping. Unlike cheaper versions of these machines, the wiring was solidly connected with wire nuts, crimp terminals, and locking connectors and/or glue. I found no loose wires. Earth grounds were solidly connected and electrically sound, I measured less the 0.1 ohm to earth ground at both the power cord ground pin and the machine ground terminal. All non-crimped electrical connectors including PCB and power supply connectors were sealed with silicone. Cables were well bundled and retained with zip ties. With this machine, I was able to attach a water tank, power it on, and cut. Its amazing for cutting 1/4 and 1/8 wood. I was happily surprised with the extras that are included. You get the aiming red laser, a strip of LEDs that illuminate the inside of the box, a powerful internal fan motor, temp sensors on the power supply and the tube, and venting of the electrical compartment. I thought I would have to add these myself. The only thing missing is an open-door shutoff switch for safety. You can easily add one of these with a microswitch and a two wire cable to the K+ - pins on the power supply. Finally, a word about safety. CO2 lasers are invisible and thus EXTREMELY dangerous. Since you cant see the beam, it does not trigger a blink reflex. The first you know of a problem is when your retina boils. Really. If you get one of these machines you MUST purchase a set of safety glasses. Wear them whenever the machine is powered on, whether the laser is active or not. Make sure the lenses you buy are marked with the proper wavelength and an OD number, representing factor of 10 reduction. For instance, OD2 reduces power by 100, OD3 by 1000, etc. The wavelength of a CO2 laser is about 10600nm. The glasses should have an OD of at least 6 and preferably 7 for that wavelength. The lens will be marked something like 9000-11000 OD7+ directly on it. A decent pair will cost $30-$50. If the lenses are very cheap, avoid them. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

Joshua Olivia

From Canada

Posted a review on Apr 01, 2021

I was excited to use this hobby laser cutter for some school projects. I purchased this product after extensive research and watching quality reviews on Youtube and different forums. For the price, it did not seem to be a bad option at all and easily upgradable. It is a great starting out laser cutter. It will take some learning but after a few projects and using the software it will all make sense and become easier to use. Like many others here, the cutting job went great, the results were crisp and clean and I thought Id found an amazing product that was perfect for me. For the price this is a super start up laser. I feel it is money well spent.

Mohammed Blake

From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Mar 18, 2021

My husband uses this metal laser cutter with a little Etsy business and loves it. It cuts through 3mm stainless steel, brass, etc. without problem. Got it set up and cutting in one evening, but that was because husband understands machines and son had used one at school. The machine bed can hold bigger things, but the max laser cut lines are 35x50. Do your research before buying it, because its not just this machine you need, but matching kit. Highly recommend it, especially if youve never laser cut before, you can get a lot of good experience before upgrading to a more expensive one. First of all things, if you order this machine, fix the wiring so it the chassis is properly grounded. If the high voltage power supply wire got damaged causing a short, the chassis could become hot with high voltages. Great value for the money, but not for the faint of heart due to lack of safeties, buy some eye protection.


From South Africa

Posted a review on Mar 17, 2021

Weve been using it for about 2 months for metal jewelry. With its built-in software, safety features, and great support service, its truly the best metal laser cutter for the crafter or small business. The unit was shipped very promptly and was well packaged.


From United States

Posted a review on Feb 28, 2021

As the saying goes: You get what you paid for. The small metal laser cutter packed well without shipping damages. The laser machine was functional after the first start to use it for different metals and thickness you need to be willing to invest quite a bit time and mechanical changes to get this unit as you want it.

Prince Chadha

From New Zealand

Posted a review on Feb 10, 2021

We have one 1000w fiber laser cutter purchased from STYLECNC. Until now, it is working very well. Before purchasing, I asked some quotations from Chinese suppliers, after research and comparison, finally I keep 3 companies in my mind, after visiting China, finally I choose STYLECNC as the supplier. Their factory is very professional. After about 2 months, we get our laser cutter installed in workshop, with the detail user manual and videos, I operate it very well now.


From United States

Posted a review on Feb 03, 2021

This laser tube cutter is the best CNC machine tool for cutting end profiles and dimensional profiles in the sidewalls of both square and round stainless steel tubing. I worked with this laser for metal tube fabrication from three months ago, everything runs well, one great machine.

Steve Guenzel

From United States

Posted a review on Jan 29, 2021

I have been operating this laser cutting machine for a little over a month and it has held up great. I thought that my tube was starting to wear out but I contacted the seller and got some great troubleshooting advise that helped me get back up and running. Their service was very good. These types of laser machine all need regular service and maintenance, if you are willing to learn a little about how it all works and take care of it, I feel like it is an awesome laser machine for the price point and it is definitely a workhorse.

Christian Sjavik

From United States

Posted a review on Jan 23, 2021

I must say, this turned out to be an awesome laser cutter. The laser-cut parts are of exceptional quality, and practically everything one needs to this CNC is included in the toolbox. It took me about 2 evenings (total about 4+4 = 8 hours) to familiar with operation method. STYLECNC support has been amazing, to say the least. Even late at night, they patiently answered my questions. In summary, Id recommend it to anyone who needs a co2 laser cutter. You will not be disappointed.


From Palestine

Posted a review on Jan 11, 2021

I was curious about CNC laser machines and bought one of these a couple of months ago afterthe instructions from Stylecnc are easy to follow. This brings me to an important point. I think its important to understand how a machine works before using it. The software necessary to run the machine is free, its great. I was able to make some elementary engravings in a short time. More complex structures came in a few weeks. I made a lot of mistakes including cutting too deep, cutting too shallow, cutting too fast, and several others. Mistakes diminished with time. I had to email Therese a couple of times and she got back to me quickly and effectively. Thanks for your help, Therese.

Jonathon Aguirre

From United States

Posted a review on Dec 08, 2020

I received my laser machine packaged well in a wood case. Once we had everything setup and tested it out I am super happy with my purchase! Thanks for STYLECNCs sales staff contacted me to confirm if I need help, but this laser cutter is very easy to operate, I can do it myself.


From Italy

Posted a review on Nov 21, 2020

My laser tube cutter has been finished by 45 days total. After receiving it, we test all the function, the cutting effect is really awesome. The laser tube cutting machine comes with the English manual and some basic para. We operate it as soon as we place the laser machine. Highly recommended indeed.


From South Africa

Posted a review on Nov 07, 2020

The manufacturer is recommended, responding quickly to the point. After assembly and inspection my fiber laser cutting machine there is a problem with the control card and the gas. but in the course of communication, the problem was solved instantly. My laser machine runs well and excellent for money. IN general, 5 stars in all respects.


From Canada

Posted a review on Oct 27, 2020

The fiber laser machine has performed better than expected. I have been cutting metal tags and signs, and it has done a very good job. The software is adequate but could be better. Delivery was sooner than expected, and setup was no problem thanks to some help videos from the nice supplier. Its a good business machine.


From United States

Posted a review on Oct 14, 2020

I bought it for cutting silver and stainless steel, very high accuracy. I love it so much!!!! its great and usefull.I was not sure if I needed the accessories, but Cherry gave me some consumption parts, such as copper nozzles, very helpful for me. thanks so much. Recommended machine!


From Singapore

Posted a review on Sep 22, 2020

My work is various metal materials cutting. With the help of STYLECNC, I choose this fiber laser cutter, I asked so many questions(please forgive me, it is my first time to buy goods from abroad), but Nick is so patient, he answered every of my stupid questions. Thanks


From South Africa

Posted a review on Sep 11, 2020

Very honest and good manufacturer. buy in 2016 the first CNC laser cutter. it was high-quality fast delivered and without damage. this year 2018 ordered another 2 sets such CNC CO2 laser cutter and it works god forbid without problems. Order 4 CNC 1610 for store. Very good honest manufacturer. Very fast shipping, best quality and good manufacturer of CNC sell


From United States

Posted a review on Sep 10, 2020

Wow! What a great laser cutter! I searched for years for something like this. The machine is laser cut for accuracy and it is strong and stable. Its a really great machine. I was able to be fully functional and making projects within 24 hours of receiving this unit.

Fred Evans

From United States

Posted a review on Sep 03, 2020

Fast delivery. I received the test video of my laser cutter within 15 days when i sent the payment. STYLECNC told me everything of the importing. Before arriving, they had sent me all the details and the docus, helped me a lot. When the machine first arrived, i was a little confused about how to install the laser tube, but i found an English manual which is sooo helpful! With videos, detailed training steps. I really appreciated!


From Brazil

Posted a review on Aug 26, 2020

STYLECNC is a good and serious factory, I visit it twice a year, they treat me like family. So I choose them to make fiber laser cutter for metal pipes. This machine were delivered on schedule,I got gorgeous support from STYLECNC.


From United States

Posted a review on Aug 25, 2020

I already have a CNC plasma machine, but I was always want to purchase a fiber laser cutter as a update. This machine has not let me down at all. Perfect cutting speed and smooth cutting edge deserve a 5 star.

Steve Chambers

From South Africa

Posted a review on Aug 23, 2020

Before purchasing this co2 laser cutting machine, I have done a lot of research. I investigated specs and reviews that I could find. finally i chose this machine, because it has high quality, when I received the machine, it was great.


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Aug 21, 2020

First cooperation with STYLECNC, the contract price is over $10,000, I have to go to China to inspect the factory, everything goes as I expect it to. Large-scale factory, professional team for manufacturing, inspect, service and technical support. I tested on one 1000 watts fiber laser cutter for SS cutting, high speed with smooth edge. I have to say, I got the best metal cutting solutions from STYLECNC.

Anita B Bailey

From United States

Posted a review on Aug 19, 2020

I used my birthday money to invest in this as a hobby to earn a little extra money. Im totally new at this kind of machine and after some trial and error, I figure out how to laser cut wood. After about 20 days worth of use, the laser cutter has been worked quite well and is sufficient for the jobs I am interested in doing, i.e. laser cutting wood craft parts. The operation is very simple and direct, but you must take safety precautions (goggles included) because the laser light is very powerful. All inquiries I subsequently made to the STYLECNC team were answered promptly and very kindly. I recommend this kit for both beginners or for more professional jobs. Overall, I am very pleased with the laser machine, customer service, and of course, the things that I am able to create. Im definitely looking at a bigger, more powerful laser in the future to increase creative possibilities.

Neil Shupe

From United States

Posted a review on Jul 16, 2020

The laser tube cutter money worth it, high speed and quality in metal tube cutting, I really recommend. A good buy from STYLECNC.

Frazis George

From Greece

Posted a review on Jun 27, 2020

This is a perfect laser cutter for the beginner. I love its ease of use. This acrylic cutter works great on a lot of stuff like acrylic and wood. I made some awesome nametags using blank nametags with magnet backings. And so far it is worth every penny.


From Spain

Posted a review on May 16, 2020

I received my laser yesterday, good machine right out of the package, and I assembled it immediately. I finished installation and setting up today, and had a test for wood cutting. Awesome. My neighbor was looking for a CO2 laser cutter to try too, and she came over to test it. Everything is as she wanted. I am looking forward to getting into the laser cutting and engraving in the next week.

Hazem Taha

From Kuwait

Posted a review on May 15, 2020

I have done a ton of research, prior to buying and while setting up the laser (I have a background using lasers). Works as expected. Works very well on wood so far. I would recommend this product if you need a CO2 laser. Great price.


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Apr 25, 2020

Great laser wood cutter. Delivery took about a week, and it worked straight out of the box. All the mirrors came aligned. It cuts great into acrylic and plywood. Its recommended to get an air assist when cutting plywood to keep flaring to a minimum so youll get nicer and cleaner cuts.


From South Africa

Posted a review on Apr 20, 2020

Best machine i have ever bought. Good quality cuts and Cost effective. Will Highly recommend again.

Wesam Zahran

From Palestine

Posted a review on Mar 27, 2020

Everything just super. I received the small metal laser cutter in a transportation company in time. All complete without damage and working well. The seller is very responsive and considerate.


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Mar 26, 2020

I'm an avid crafter and work with computers, so I didn't have any issues acclimating to the software. You have to get a feel for the configuration settings, but that varies by the media you are cutting upon and takes some minor trial and error. I bought a MDF board and played until I got the settings the way I wanted. I had a few newbie questions of the vendor and I found the email response was FANTASTIC and vendor was definitely committed toward me getting the most of this laser machine and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. If you're looking for a laser cutter to get a feel for this type of craft, I can HIGHLY recommend this cutter. Happy "cutting" :)

Haithem Ennaas

From United States

Posted a review on Mar 25, 2020

Highly recommend. Professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer. STYLECNC could offer a solution immediately when I had problems. A buy without regretted.

Scott Parsell

From United States

Posted a review on Mar 16, 2020

I am rather pleased with this purchase. Great hobby laser machine for wood crafts, which is why I purchased it. I have made a wood craft that took 30 minutes to cut with no overheating or any issues. God, nothing was even warm. Impressive machine.

Abdelhalim Kadri

From Algeria

Posted a review on Mar 10, 2020

Received my laser packaged well in a woodcrate. All accessories were secured inside and accounted for. Construction is solid everything was already lined up for us (mirrors, laser, dot, belts). Once we had everything setup and tested it out I am super happy with my purchase!


From Australia

Posted a review on Feb 25, 2020

This is a great machine and worth the money. The software is really user friendly and takes some time to get the hang of. It can be used offline, but I don’t use that feature. I used the laptop with software, plugged everything together and it worked right away. Software does the job very well. I have not had any problems with software. Everything has been working smoothly and I have cut 1.5mm SS and 20mm plywood with it and other various items, so I’ve already made my money back on the machine in less than a month. Its really an amazing laser cutter for metal and wood.


From Netherlands

Posted a review on Feb 24, 2020

The machine arrived in great condition. As soon as I had the software figured out (the only hard part) the machine was up and running great. I have been using the laser cutter to cut and engrave plywood and MDF crafts, and it works very well.


From United States

Posted a review on Feb 17, 2020

The laser machine manufacturer is great, it was well packaged and easy to set up. I prepare to have patience in learning how to use this wood laser cutter.

loris ferro

From Italy

Posted a review on Feb 13, 2020

This is the laser cutter I would recommend to everyone I know in this area. Not only for perfectly glass stainless steel, also very good for the plywood. It really saved my business a lot. Thank you all for the fast response and the best service.

Subandry Churaimi

From Malaysia

Posted a review on Jan 26, 2020

Excellent service, shipped very fast, the fiber laser cutting achine was well packaged and arrived with zero damage. All working great, I will Recommend the seller highly. Thank You Bonnie For Excellent Customer Service.

Honson Luma

From United States

Posted a review on Jan 21, 2020

I have used it for cutting carbon steel sheets 1/4 and 3/8 inch. It has made super clean cuts for edges. The sheet metal laser cutter is well worth the price. Highly recommended.


From France

Posted a review on Jan 03, 2020

WOW, grand coupeur laser pour le bois et expédition super rapide, excellent vendeur.


From Australia

Posted a review on Dec 25, 2019

I got this for a Xmas gift. I finally got to sit down and mess with it and did practice initials I’m so excited to see what all this can do! I’m going to have to play with it to figure out the power it has but excited to learn. I was working on a test piece in less than a half hour. I added a picture of my first project that I had completed only having the laser cutter for a day. Easy instructions and everything want smooth.

Ivonne Olguin

From United States

Posted a review on Dec 20, 2019

The laser metal cutting machine can cut carbon steel with fast speed and high precision, it adopts high quality fiber laser tube, which can work more than 100,000 hours.

Joss Nankoo

From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Dec 19, 2019

Came with everything needed to use out of the box for basic things. This laser acrylic cutting machine is amazing. The depth adjustment is simple. The rotary attachment works well to control horizontal distance. Great for my 80W CO2 laser machine.

Jean Lafortune

From Canada

Posted a review on Nov 28, 2019

The sensor and precise autofocus laser cutting head from United States, which can improve the precision and cutting effect for metal sheets, all based on perfect optical path.

Maxim Braghis

From Czechia

Posted a review on Nov 20, 2019

High performance and low operating cost, the best IPG fiber laser source with up to more than 100,000 hours life-cycle.


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Nov 17, 2019

The portable laser cutter works great. I use it to make jewelry and cut sheet metals. Can get very detailed as long as you make sure the laser cut file is right.


From Canada

Posted a review on Oct 16, 2019

I like the way this laser wood cutter works... powered by my laptop, it cuts patterns for products produced in my woodcrafts shop. It is a bit on the slow side but, for the money, it cant be beat. Because of the speed, it would not be a good mass production machine but, for limited-edition items kin my shop, the price was right and it does the job very well. I have a lot of experience installing and operating peripheral equipment on my system... that experience and my ability to intuit the how to from the video provided with the machine got me through.


From United States

Posted a review on Aug 28, 2019

Im Calvin from USA, I think it is a good fiber laser cutting system after three months of use, it is easy to run, I am very satisfied with the cutting quality and internet service.


From Netherlands

Posted a review on Jul 08, 2019

A cheap laser cutter for home use, its easy to operate, I have used it to cut some wood crafts for testing the laser machine, and got the perfect ending.


From Germany

Posted a review on Jun 29, 2019

An affordable wood laser cutter for my woodcraft shop, I installed the software, connected it to the laptop, plugged everything in, and I was ready to go in 25 minutes. It works as advertised - a nice wood laser cutter that every woodworker I show it to wants for themselves. It cut down the labor costs with high speed and high quality.

Denisko Pipko

From Slovenia

Posted a review on Jun 25, 2019

For this hobby laser cutting machine, I am very happy with it. I have made enough money by selling items I made by this machine already. Just in less than a month just playing around in my spare time.

Hussain Tayyabi

From Pakistan

Posted a review on Mar 29, 2019

I bought the laser fabric cutter for sportswear pattern cutting, its cutting ability is out of my imagination, I really like it.


From United States

Posted a review on Mar 20, 2019

I bought the 3d laser cutting machine for auto parts cutting, Im very satisfied with the cutting speed and precision, I will be happy to recommend the laser machine to my partners.


From United States

Posted a review on Mar 12, 2019

Perfect fiber laser cutter for metal, I have been doing research in this market for a long time, STYLECNC has attracted me, both the machines quality and the service, are first-class. Now my showroom is filled with metal crafts made by this laser machine. I LOVE THIS MACHINE.I LOVE STYLECNC.

josh woulfe

From Australia

Posted a review on Mar 01, 2019

We bought the machine for wood and MDF cutting, the cutting effect is very good,cutting speed is also very quick. i like STYLECNClaser cutter. highly recommended!


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Feb 24, 2019

Im a craftsman, with this machine, we made a lot of crafts, and this STJ1325-4 laser cutting machine is very good at the edge of the crafts. Perfect laser cutting machine.

Matt Mahan

From United States

Posted a review on Feb 23, 2019

A good CNC laser cutter for metal. Because I want to cut different type of materials and this machine combines two options together which is exactly what I need.


From United States

Posted a review on Feb 22, 2019

BEST metal laser cutter we have ever purchased. For 10 hours daily working, it still keeps the high precision and the high working speed. I really love it.

Jenny Yang

From Malaysia

Posted a review on Feb 21, 2019

This machine is a star. I am glad that I found this metal cutting machine and it is really convenient for my sheet metal cutting works with the exchange table, it made the whole process much more simple. I like it.


From United States

Posted a review on Feb 17, 2019

We bought the STYLECNC fabric laser cutting machine a few months ago. They have excellent customer service and the laser machines they sell are very well build. The machine handles the details of the fabric very well. One day I had an operational problem. It was already very late, but they still taught me patiently.


From United States

Posted a review on Feb 16, 2019

Excellent laser cutter, I did a lot of research before I bought machine. STYLECNC have been patiently guiding me and helping me to analyze. I have been using this fabric laser cutting machine for three months, and the quality of this machine is really great. I like it.


From Czech Republic

Posted a review on Feb 12, 2019

The whole production stay in safe with this enclosed cover of the fiber laser metal cutting machine, at least my boss thinks so. And the exchange table helped cutting 20mm MS a lot. An frame crane is all you need.


From France

Posted a review on Feb 11, 2019

This is the PERFECT laser cutter machine and I would like to recommend to my friends. Also thanks to the staff who has helped me with the details and gave me the very helpful intros!

Mathew Stanley

From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Jan 10, 2019

Nice packaging and fast delivery. Includes everything you need to operate it. A manual is nice.


From France

Posted a review on Dec 02, 2018

I just received this machine yesterday, it was awesome. when i got it, my friend andi did some projects and its prefect. my friend said that he also wants to buy one. I like STYLECNC team too much, always serve me.


From United States

Posted a review on Oct 23, 2018

Well packed. Fiber laser cutting with great detail. All works. Great item, value for money. Lovely quality of all details. Recommend.


From South Africa

Posted a review on Oct 11, 2018

The manufacturer always online answers questions, very helpful. THE whole laser machine is very satisfied. Very pleased with the quality of all the laser machine parts. Happy, recommend.

Matt Thomason

From United States

Posted a review on Aug 20, 2018

The laser engraver works excellently better than expected, I really recommend.

Ness Tillson

From France

Posted a review on Aug 13, 2018

I like this laser cutter. It works the way I expected it to. I am currently cutting and engraving acrylic and paper. Looking forward to etching glass and the wood.

Dean Benoy

From United States

Posted a review on Jul 08, 2018

This is the best laser cutter Ive ever received anything ordered on the web. Im about to operate but so far all looks good. Thank you, STYLECNC. Excellent work. I would buy again.

Farhang Hasan

From Turkey

Posted a review on Jul 07, 2018

Excellent, I am very happy. I test the fiber laser head - its work perfectly. I will try the co2 laser later. Recommend!

Oscar J Talamas

From United States

Posted a review on Jun 14, 2018

We started with a $1200 laser cutter and outgrew it fast. We moved up to this one and have found it to have more capability. Now I believe STYLECNCs seller told me you get what you pay. LOL

Bruno Teixeira

From Portugal

Posted a review on Apr 07, 2018

I have received and checked, all is excellent. I have cut 1mm stainless steel for testing, the quality and speed make me happy, certainly happy with the unit.

Bennett Dobni

From Canada

Posted a review on Mar 19, 2018

I am very satisfied with the small metal laser cutter. I tried to cut ss. Well done!

Monika Otth

From Malaysia

Posted a review on Feb 15, 2018

Description matches than expected and the received laser cutter. The packing is pretty, EVERYTHING work well.

Cindy De Leon

From Canada

Posted a review on Jan 26, 2018

The great hobby laser cutter, I choose to adopt up-down table on the machine. highly customizable. It is suitable for cutting my wood arts.


From South Africa

Posted a review on Jan 23, 2018

Got the laser wood cutter early this week. All going well so far. Ill come back to update my review after cutting more.


From United States

Posted a review on Dec 12, 2017

High quality laser leather cutting machine as describing, all are good, perfect packing, thanks my dear.

Nick Amizich

From United States

Posted a review on Nov 12, 2017

Very good fabric laser cutting machine, it works perfectly, easy to operate.

Brandon Boren

From United States

Posted a review on Oct 13, 2017

The laser cutting machine came to me very quickly, one month machine finished. all working perfectly. manufacturer recommend.

Camille Pissarro

From U.S. Virgin Islands

Posted a review on Sep 29, 2017

Good quality of the metal laser cutter. Great manufacturer. Excellent Support. On all questions received an exhaustive answer. Thank you.

Sri Yuli

From Indonesia

Posted a review on Jul 21, 2017

Many thanks! the laser cutter works perfectly! all will be recommended to you familiar. I am very satisfied!

Greg Petrie

From Australia

Posted a review on Jun 19, 2017

The machine is packed well, after the training was completed, I finished a test of 3mm metal pipe cutting, the cutting effect is very good.

Juraj Kamensky

From Slovakia

Posted a review on Jun 10, 2017

Thank you. Great manufacturer. I used the co2 laser cutter to cut stainless steel, very good quality.

John Peters

From Canada

Posted a review on May 25, 2017

Perfect laser machine. I can use it to cut ss, cs, and many nonmetals. One really nice metal cutting system, highly recommended.

Mario Giron

From United States

Posted a review on Apr 26, 2017

All is excellent, this laser cutter is as easy to use as it says. I am very pleased with the unit, it has a great range of sizes, and its working well. Recommend.


From Tunisia

Posted a review on Apr 23, 2017

Good laser cutter. I will buy more machines like this.

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