Affordable Stone Carving Machines, Stone Cutting Machines, Stone CNC Routers for Sale at Cost Price

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Stone CNC Machine

Do you have an idea to DIY or buy an affordable CNC machine for stone fabrication? Review the 2022 new stone CNC machine buyer's guide for stone fabricators, stoneworkers, stone CNC machinists, operators and beginners in small business, home shop, school, education, teaching, training, commercial use, or industrial manufacturing. We'll offer you the best CNC stone carving machines and CNC stone cutting machines of 2022 with expert customer service to fit your custom stone fabrication requirements.

Stone CNC Machines for Sale

CNC Stone Cutting & Polishing Machine for Granite & Marble
$32800.00 - $36800.00

CNC stone cutting & polishing machine STS3113 is used for cabinets artificial stone, quartz stone, granite, marble carving, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving. Now the affordable CNC stone machine for sale at cost price.

$2800.00 - $3500.00

STS6090 2x3 desktop small CNC stone carving machine is used for engraving stone, marble, jade, wood, acrylic, metal. Now the small desktop stone CNC carving machine for sale at the best price.

$5000.00 - $9800.00

New design affordable stone CNC machine STS1318 is used for carving and cutting marble, granite, quartz, and other stones. Now the best stone CNC router machine for sale at low price.

$6680.00 - $9980.00

Best budget affordable 3 axis 4x8 stone CNC router STS1325 is designed for carving natural marble, granite, blue stone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, headstone. Now the best CNC stone router for sale at low price.

$7000.00 - $9000.00

2022 best 5x10 CNC stone carving machine STS1530 is the best choice for the owner in the business of stone machining, decoration, sign making, and woodworking. Now the best CNC stone router machine for sale at affordable price.

$8500.00 - $11300.00

4x8 stone CNC machine STS1325H is designed for headstone, memorial stone, granite tombstone with CNC bits for carving traditional v-sink letters, and laser head for memorial photos engraving.

$20000.00 - $40000.00

Stone CNC machining center is suitable for cutting and polishing natural marble, granite, quartz, blue stone, tombstone, headstone. Now the best stone CNC machine for sale at affordable price.

$20000.00 - $30000.00

4 axis CNC stone carving machine is a vertical 3D stone CNC machine for stone Buddhas statues & sculptures, stone balustrades, stone crafts, stone artwork projects & ideas.

$2000.00 - $2800.00

Small CNC jade carving machine STS4040 is used for engraving jewelry and jades with water tank. Now the best small jade engraving machine for sale at affordable price.

$6800.00 - $10800.00

STS3015-2 large format industrial 3D stone CNC machine with dual spindles is used for 2D/3D stone carving. Now the dual spindles 3D CNC stone carving machine for sale at low price.

$29800.00 - $30800.00

5 axis CNC stone cutting bridge saw is an automatic infrared stone cutter to make custom slabs and countertops for kitchen and bath including granite, modular granite, granite tile, honed granite, engineered stone, laminates, soapstone, marble, quartzite, quartz, and more stones.

$12800.00 - $20000.00

Linear ATC stone CNC carving machine STS1325C is used for carving stone, marble and granite, the ATC CNC stone engraving machine adopts linear automatic tool changer which has 6 tools to be changed for stone machining.

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

From United States

Posted on

I was surprised by the quality of the CNC bridge saw for the price paid, and so far this machine has worked very effectively. Having said that, the machine itself has performed very well. The accuracy is good and I like that it is self contained for the countertops I do.

From United States

Posted on

It is a very nice design, easy to put together, all be it in about 2 hours. I am attempting to use the CNC router for stone relief carving. Still learning the best configuration for this, but it looks promising. My CNC recently developed a fault, which I reported to STYLECNC under its guarantee scheme. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the speed, courtesy and and friendly customer technical support. Having emailed proof of purchase and pictures/video of the nature of the fault, involving an email dialogue with a STYLECNC support engineer. A replacement part is being sent to me from China at no cost to me. If only other companies provided this level of customer service.

From New Zealand

Posted on

I bought this stone cnc router in November and love it very much. It arrived way ahead of schedule. The machine is rock solid and the spindle operates quietly, not like a router in my old unit. I just finished a stone engraved and am happy with the outcome. I had some interaction with the vendor and she has replied to my e-mail promptly and in a professional manner. I would recommend this machine and vendor highly on any purchase.

From United States

Posted on

I purchased this cnc jade carving machine mostly for the purpose of cutting pearl inlay for guitars, for which I think it will perform perfectly. It is a solid machine with a good design for many uses. If you need a machine for smaller projects it is an excellent choice. The 40cm x40cm work area is large enough for a lot of things. I see that this machine is becoming very popular, especially in Russia. I am extremely pleased with my purchase, and I was happy to find that the STYLECNC staff were readily willing and available to offer assistance. Im excited to see what all I can do with this machine.

From Canada

Posted on

Absolutely AMAZING! I am new to the CNC world and this cnc router machine is incredible for beginners. As a Process Engineer by trade, I can totally give credible feedback in the instructions and assembly process. Perfection! Thanks for making this so easy for me to get into the CNC world.

From South Africa

Posted on

Great stone machine for those new to CNC, like myself. I did not expect the machine to be as robust as it is, but it definitely surpassed my expectations. Top service level from STYLECNC and responded to all my questions within 24 hours. Highly recommended.

From United States

Posted on

A perfect CNC machine for stone. I searched for years for CNC like this. The stone engraving machine is strong and stable. Its a really great CNC machine.

From United States

Posted on

I was looking for a CNC stone machine that was big enough for the projects I am working. This product is just as sturdy as it looks in the pictures. I had it operate the same day I received it. The machine was more than I had expected. Note: This CNC was packaged well with all pieces intact.

From Lebanon

Posted on

Good product and GREAT support, STYLECNC took the time to call me during the Thanksgiving holiday to help troubleshoot a problem. It seems solid and very well built. It takes several hours for me to familiar with the operation. If I can give you any advice it would be to read ALL of the instructions IN ORDER and completely. I would do business with this company again. You wont be disappointed.

From United States

Posted on

I am very happy with the purchase of this stone cnc machine from STYLECNC. It was packed neatly and arrived safely without any hassle. All the parts are present and carefully packed by the manufacturer.