CNC Mill Reviews & Testimonials (October 2023)

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CNC Mill Reviews

Looking for the top rated CNC milling machines to create cavities, contours, shapes, profiles and die-cutting operations? Check out the professional customer reviews and testimonials updated in 2023 from CNC mill users who have milled complex precision metal parts of steel, iron, aluminum, copper or brass.

Harry Burns

Posted on Jan 07, 2023 from United States

Hobby CNC Mill for Metal Milling, Engraving and Drilling

This is my first attempt at CNC mill with a learning curve. It appears to be more rigid than the average CNC router. I love the sturdiness of this unit. I got excellent support from STYLECNC in solving some mechanotechnical faults and particular issues. This unit is the best bang for beginners in metal fabrication with heavy construction and clear assembly instructions. I have a lot to learn but had my first aluminum milling project up and running in no time, and the result is as expected. I will try cutting aluminum sheets in the next days, and I think it will work great as long as I use the right end mills and set the right cutting speed and other parameters in the software.

Derek Christian

Posted on Nov 15, 2022 from Canada

Automatic CNC Milling Machine for Mold Making

So far this automatic milling machine is as good as I expected and serves its purpose in my gunsmith shop to repair, design, modify, or build guns. Sturdy enough with its structure for metal fabrication. If you take the time to learn the CNC controller software, the mill table will be easy to use and provide excellent quality works. In addition, there are some upgrade kits to bring it to the next level. I recommend ST7090-2F for the price and quality.

Raymond Beers

Posted on Aug 18, 2022 from United States

Hobby CNC Mill for Metal Milling, Engraving and Drilling

I purchased this CNC mill for mold making with aluminum and copper. Easy to assemble and performed better than promised. Easy to use and worked well after setup. You should not beat the price for what this machine is capable of doing for hobbyists. The software is available for beginners, as well as for professionals. I will recommend this machine to anyone looking to get started in milling jobs at a reasonable price.

John Harvey

Posted on Jun 03, 2022 from United Kingdom

2023 Top Rated Cheap CNC Milling Machine for Home Use

The ST6060F arrived safely packaged 18 days after ordering. Since I was already able to gain experience with the CNC mill, the construction went quite quickly. Unfortunately, I found that the control board was not working properly, but on the same day STYLECNC sent me a new board directly from China with DHL Express. After 5 days, the part also arrived undamaged, spending two days at customs. Installed and everything is as I expected. I am very satisfied with the milling machine, it is now running great with NcStudio software to make aluminum molds and parts.

Terry Dunlap

Posted on Mar 02, 2022 from United States

Automatic CNC Milling Machine for Mold Making

I got this mill for close to a month, and have used it numerous time to make custom car part prototypes out of aluminum. I have also made a few milled coinages too. It has worked well for me. Any time I have had a question or concern I received a very prompt response from STYLECNCs support. They are courteous and helpful. Great power tool with superior customer support. I will recommend this CNC mill and company.

Joshua Olivia

Posted on Apr 07, 2021 from Canada

2023 Top Rated Cheap CNC Milling Machine for Home Use

Decent CNC mill, if you are wanting to get into CNC this is a good starter, this is a great machine to learn CNC. Took about 45 minutes to assemble. Went together rather easily, instructions were fine. Solid machine. I had an issue with the Z axis assembly and received excellent support. The only limiting factors are the size and your ability. It is small but it wasnt smaller than expected. Buy some extra milling bits unless thats all you want.

Con Maher Mark

Posted on Mar 25, 2021 from United States

2023 Best Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Sale

Great small CNC mill for what I bought it for. Basically wanted something with a mill to help boost production on my small items I sell that I have been doing by hand carving. Weve been using this little machine almost non stop in the evenings and all day on Sat an sun. It was fairly easy to assemble, had to see a video for only one area. Hasnt given me any issues really minus the drive screws getting junked up which is normal super simple to clean and put a light oil on and they quiet down an work like a charm. In conclusion as a first machine to learn on and familiarize yourself with CNC milling, this machine is great. I would recommend it for anyone starting out before wasting a lot of money on something that they may not enjoy doing.


Posted on Jan 21, 2021 from United States

2023 Top Rated 5 Axis CNC Router for Sale at Cost Price

Long story short, Im really happy with the five axis CNC router, it runs really well and the Ive found the software SYNTEC easy to follow. Any questions I had were answered promptly and when you contact the help desk, its Mike that responds and his suggestions are simple to follow and always right on point. If youre thinking about getting into CNC, I highly recommend STYLECNC.


Posted on Oct 23, 2020 from Canada

2023 Top Rated 5 Axis CNC Router for Sale at Cost Price

I did a research online for multi axis CNC router for three months, and I inspected five CNC machine manufacturers from German and China, finally, I made a decision from the quality, technique, skill, power and price, I bought it from STYLECNC. 62 days later, I got the machine with 7 days door-to-door training at the same time. Now I can use the machine easily for 3D mold making, I have to say, its a great buy for me.

Clive Govender

Posted on Sep 03, 2020 from South Africa

2023 Best Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Sale

Overall, the quality of the CNC milling machine is good, I havent met any issues with it. It worked great from the beginning when I set it up. You just need a little time, you can operate it skilled.

Luca S Shepherd

Posted on Sep 01, 2020 from United Kingdom

Automatic CNC Milling Machine for Mold Making

I got my CNC mill in perfect condition. As soon as I opened the package, I knew to expect quality. Everything was there. You need some imagination to follow the build instructions. Not a big deal to change, but be careful. Overall, it does feel like quality. Two hours, and it was done. Looks good and the control panel does what youd expect.

Casper Ghost

Posted on May 23, 2020 from Puerto Rico

Hobby CNC Mill for Metal Milling, Engraving and Drilling

STYLECNC and his staff make a nice cnc milling machine at a good price. What makes this product special is the customer service. I was new to CNC, I bought this machine. and contacted STYLECNC for some use problems. And she has a lot of patience for beginners. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a CNC milling machine or any product he sells.

Carlos Alberto

Posted on May 09, 2020 from Brazil

2023 Best Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Sale

This has been a fun CNC molding machine supplier has the best helpline I have ever seen and can answer literally any question. I searched for years for something like this. The kit can carver with accuracy and is strong and stable. Its a really great CNC and its very easy to operate. I was able to be fully functional and making projects within 24 hours of receiving this machine!

Richard Long

Posted on Mar 23, 2020 from United States

2023 Top Rated Cheap CNC Milling Machine for Home Use

This is a very well thought out table. It will allow you to do just about anything a CNC milling machine can do with complete precision. Just be prepared to be patient and have lots of time to use it.

Selye János

Posted on Feb 14, 2020 from Slovakia

2023 Top Rated 5 Axis CNC Router for Sale at Cost Price

Just purchased this 5-axis CNC machine 2 months ago, Well packaged. All parts received. Directions worked with a small learning curve. Assembly was straight forward and modular. Sturdy construction. I figured out some techniques to make them behave. Plenty of expansion capability. It works fine. I am glad that I found this unit and it is really convinient for my 3D woodworking projects, it made the whole process much more simple. I like it.

James Marino

Posted on Dec 21, 2019 from United States

Hobby CNC Mill for Metal Milling, Engraving and Drilling

For the money, this is not bad at all. Decent parts and goes together solidly. Its a good introduction to CNC milling.

Ryan Haueter

Posted on Nov 19, 2019 from United Kingdom

Industrial 5 Axis CNC Router Machine for 3D Milling

Great, Im very satisfied with the quality of this 5 axis CNC router kit. My machine has been in production for half a month. I can inspect the progress of machine production in real time through video and live broadcast, I really appreciate STYLECNC. I look forward to the delivery of my machine.


Posted on Feb 03, 2019 from United States

Mini 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for 3D Modeling & Cutting

After my machine was ready, I went to their factory for training. This company was really professional, and their engineers taught me a lot. Im going to buy some other CNC machines from this company.


Posted on Jan 13, 2019 from United States

Large Gantry 5 Axis CNC Machine for 3D Machining

Its my first time to buy goods from abroad, but I have to say I got one good experience for the oversea purchase from STYLECNC. In terms of using the five-axis CNC machine, they offer free online training for assembly and operation. Getting started and connecting it to the PC is very easy, and it runs smoothly and cuts are made with precision.


Posted on Oct 31, 2018 from United States

Small 5 Axis CNC Machining Center for 3D Woodworking

Easy to assemble and use with the instructional videos. The spindle, stepper motors and all parts perform well. I didnt expect that the 5 axis CNC machine would be so good, but its precision and ease of use is quite impressive. In addition, the technical support is excellent, my every email was promptly responded within 2 hrs.

Alan Heng

Posted on Jul 10, 2018 from Singapore

2023 Best Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Sale

Nice milling machine for a good price, and the quality matches the price. The seller is cooperative and responsive to my problems. Im impressed by the DSP offline control to run a program without the PC connection.

Jan Hlavaty

Posted on Jun 17, 2018 from Czechia

2023 Top Rated Cheap CNC Milling Machine for Home Use

Je to přesně to, co jsem potřeboval, vynikající. CNC frézka má perfektní velikost a přesnost frézování, je úžasná pro všechny.

Protap Kumar Roy

Posted on Jun 05, 2018 from Bangladesh

Automatic CNC Milling Machine for Mold Making

ভাল মেশিন এবং প্যাকিং. দ্রুত পরিবহন। বেশ কয়েক মাস ব্যবহারের পরে, আমি বলতে পারি এটির দামের জন্য এটি সত্যিই একটি ভাল সিএনসি ছাঁচনির্মাণ মেশিন।


Posted on Apr 15, 2018 from Japan

2023 Top Rated Cheap CNC Milling Machine for Home Use

Saw lots of good online reviews for the ST6060F so decided to give it a try. Unpacking and set up took about 30 minutes, and took less than 2 hours to learn to operate. Ive done a few tests with some of my own creations. All worked well with precise cuts. A great CNC mill. Sturdy, little noise and accurate.

Richard Goodearl

Posted on Mar 20, 2018 from Australia

2023 Top Rated Cheap CNC Milling Machine for Home Use

Everything was well packed in a plywood container. Took 1 hour to clean the rust protective coating. The fit is far greater than I expected. Tried milling a few aluminum molds with different tools, and it worked just fine. Great to work with. Better than what its priced for.

Tracy Quasebarth

Posted on May 13, 2017 from United States

Hobby CNC Mill for Metal Milling, Engraving and Drilling

Very durable CNC mill. Ive been running this kit for a couple months now and so far pretty impressed. My work requires high precision, and this machine can finish well.

Sanique Prospere

Posted on May 04, 2017 from Republic of Lithuania

Hobby CNC Mill for Metal Milling, Engraving and Drilling

Easy to build and set up with an easy-to-follow manual. Great CNC mill for precision cuts and part geometry. Handle the work load very well without the flutes clogging up. Its worth buying and exactly what I was looking for.


Posted on Apr 22, 2017 from Croatia

2023 Best Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Sale

This was a great deal. So far it has been perfect. High precision. Just what we need.

Fabio Hoyos

Posted on Apr 05, 2017 from United States

Automatic CNC Milling Machine for Mold Making

The product agrees with the specified. I use this machine processing shoe mold. Processing speed is satisfactory. I recommend this seller.

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