STYLECNC's Expert Service & Support for CNC Machines

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Service & Support

STYLECNC will offer the expert service and support for CNC machines in many ways. Find out your service options based on your CNC machine model and location.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Director: Claire


WhatsApp: +86-18766148818

What can our sales staff do for you?


Providing solutions for clients by staffing their projects with skilled and reliable CNC machining consultants.


Showing you different machines by demo video, including operating tips & trics, introduction, and training that will help you learn to program on CNC machines.

Sample Making

Making samples with our machine according to your materials, designs, sizes, and any other requirements.

Concept Creation

Creating a realistic concept that our machines meet your working projects, ideas or plans.

Sign A Contract

Signing a business contract after we negotiated an important agreement with you.

Place An Order

Placing an order to the production department and inform the after sales department to follow up.

Technical Support

Director: Mike


WhatsApp: +86-15865009262

Whenever You Need us, We're Here Waiting For You.

• Staffed by experienced service professionals, our support center is never closed. We field more than 10,000 requests each year, resolving 95% with just online support.

• Our technical support experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What can our technical experts do for you?


Launching a targeted training, whether the customer is a beginner or professional.


Teaching you how to use CNC software, control system and how to complete a CNC machining project.


Identifying and removing errors from your CNC machining, CNC programming, or operation.


Teaching you how to maintain your machine under different conditions, whether it's new or used.


Teaching you how to use your CNC machine to achieve a defined goal effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily in a specific context.