2022 Best Wood Lathe Reviews (May Update)

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Wood Lathe Reviews

Need to buy 2022 best CNC wood lathe machines to fit your budget, projects, ideas, or plans? Check 2022 best wood lathe reviews to make a comparison up to you.

Juan Allman

From Canada

Posted a review on Jun 07, 2022

I have owned this lathe machine for a few months, and it works really well. I upgraded from a smaller one. Turned some small woodworking projects of bowls and vases, and now working on table legs that will take advantage of the larger swing. This is a great automated lathe for woodworking and worth the money. It has a CNC controller for automatically turning without a manual. All in all an excellent CNC lathe for beginners.

Amanda Cotzer

From South Africa

Posted a review on Mar 03, 2022

The lathe performs as advertised. Everything arrived very well packed. Very easy to set up. This is a very nice automatic lathe to use for making wood balusters and spindles. The variable speed control is so smooth and provides instant speed control without any manipulations. I have been with it for almost 6 months and not a single failure. It is a very good quality-price ratio.

Sam Douglas

From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Jan 24, 2022

Shipped quickly and well packaged, worked correctly out of the box, setup was simple. I love everything about this small wood lathe, especially the CNC controller, all projects are finished automatically. Ive used this unit several times making from bowls to table legs. All the pieces are high quality. There is no wobble or shake. Ive continued using the CNC lathe without issue in the last few months.


From Canada

Posted a review on Aug 13, 2021

The lathe is awesome, sturdy made and runs smooth. Love the variable speeds and easy adjustable.Especially the CNC controller, it makes all turning automatically. The CNC lathe meets all expectations. I would highly recommend this unit to any one.

Lachlan Webster

From Australia

Posted a review on Jun 16, 2021

Arrived in good condition and had all the parts. The lathe machine runs smooth and has clear instructions for the various features. A lot of fun for a newbie turner and has enough features to keep more experienced turners satisfied for a long time. We bought three CNC wood lathes for making bowls and baseball bats, and are very impressed with quality and the ease to set it up. The CNC lathe meets all expectations. I would highly recommend this unit to any one.

Kermit Deramus

From United States

Posted a review on Apr 10, 2021

Replaces a 60+ year-old Craftsman wood lathe. A nice piece of machinery for the beginner, or the next step up, for a home based wood-butcher hobbyist. Enjoy the sawdust youll create, Tech support is responsive and concise. Good deal all around... STYLECNC also offers lots of tools

Leah A Harrison

From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Apr 06, 2021

This was an anniversary gift to my husband. I don’t know if it’s a good starter lathe for beginners. My husband had machine shop in high school so he had experience with metal lathes, this one is for wood. He loves it. We had one a wood lathe from Grizzly Industrial to begin with that worked just fine, but no CNC controller. This STYLECNC branded machine with CNC, according to my husband is extremely smooth running and the variable speed control is a luxury to enjoy. He was happy with the gift overall. Im very happy with this purchase. Its a bit more expensive than some other lathes but well worth it. I would definitely purchase it again.

Hector Lewis

From United States

Posted a review on Mar 15, 2021

This is the 3rd wood lathe that I have owned over the past 20 years and this one is perfect for what I need. It has a motor with plenty of torque and a huge range of speeds. This one is an upgrade from my previous lathe. Now I can turn plates and bowls easily. It is very well made. And quite heavy for a benchtop lathe. It arrived quickly and in great shape. Setup was quick and easy. Within just a few minutes I was turning.

Owen Brooklyn

From Canada

Posted a review on Feb 02, 2021

Bought this CNC lathe as a way to get introduced into wood turning. This tool has me hooked on turning. Its fantastic for wood balusters spindles. Ive already turned some spindles for table legs. It is the best tool I have in my shop, it has been excellent since purchase, it is able to handle some pretty large and difficult woodturning projects. It has been great for me so far. The variable speed is aweasome makes it easy to go from turning to sanding to finishing with just a command. Its my first lathe and im very happy with it. Great bang for your buck.

Guy Picard

From United States

Posted a review on Jan 05, 2021

STYLECNC made a great quality mini wood lathe. Was a little nervous ordering this unit overseas, this thing is surprisingly quite. Variable speed on the fly is very convenient. My experience with this machine so far has been simple and smooth. Took it out of the box. Put it on a folding table I happen to have in the garage, changed the belt speed. Dropped a piece of firewood into it, and started turning. It was simple to figure out. If anything changes, I will update. As of right now. Very happy with this buy and very excited to continue turning.

Julio A Erickson

From United States

Posted a review on Sep 01, 2020

I decided to give the STL1530 a chance as my first CNC lathe machine. It was easy to setup and get working. This machine has been great for me so far. Its been easy to operate and Ive already turned some spindles for table legs. Easy peasy. If you are looking for a good wood lathe, I really think youll be happy. If anything, you can be assured itll be a quality product.

Ondrej Sestak

From Czechia

Posted a review on Jul 24, 2020

Overall, this is an incredible value. Very heavy, and very sturdy. Operate easily. Whoever designed the packaging was a genius. Theres pretty much no way to damage the parts in shipping. Amazing packaging! Completely protects the contents so they arrive in the same condition as when the wood lathe machine lefts the factory.

Syed Salman

From United Arab Emirates

Posted a review on May 06, 2020

We finally delivered the wood lathe machines to customers and now machines are working well. We are ready to place a new order with STYLECNC. Our client like red. So they are very happy because the wood lathe machine can customize colors.


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Apr 10, 2020

I've been using my new STL1516-2S2 lathe machine for a couple of days now and I am very impressed with this unit. I wore out a smaller manual wood lathe in three years and decided this CNC model is the one I wanted as a replacement. Not only because of the increased length and diameter capacities, but it has all the features that I didn't have before, such as CNC controller, double spindles, and cutters feature. Amazing lathe and I am enjoying more woodturning with the new set up. This unit is of higher quality, made in China. Five stars all the way!


From Australia

Posted a review on Mar 20, 2020

This is my first lathe to own. I have used a number of other lathes and this one is at the top. It is very quiet and smooth. The great lathe machine that not only turns bowls. I also make wood spindles on this lathe. This is plenty powerful for almost any job within the size limit of the lathe. Perfect for all my projects. It is an excellent tool for making wood stair balusters. Speed settings are easy to change. It will give you a good range of speeds for just about any project.


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Feb 28, 2020

The lathe works very smoothly and has way enough power. This lathe is outstanding for bowls, vases and baseball bats, etc. It is very accurate, smooth and quiet. I can hold a conversation while using this lathe. The warranty and the brand influenced my choice, as well.  All in all, I am very satisfied with this tool. I've been turning wood since middle school and this is the best lathe I've had the privilege to own and operate. Outstanding little lathe! You won't be sorry to buy this!


From Australia

Posted a review on Feb 18, 2020

I have had it for about two weeks and have used it almost daily. So far I have only been practicing on 20 inch by 40 inch blocks of wood. Spindle turning only. I like and enjoy the wood lathe. It is quite and vibration free. It does what I expected it to do.

Brian Davis

From United States

Posted a review on Jan 16, 2020

I like the wood lathe very much, it finished the work in a very short time. Thanks, Brian Davis


From South Africa

Posted a review on Oct 10, 2019

This CNC lathe makes doing my edges on woodworking projects so much easier to do and comes with a lot of goodies to add on. Double the production of the chair leg.


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Oct 02, 2019

Great lathe machine. My husband has gotten into woodturning and this was the best beginner machine for him. He is making pens, bowls, vases, wine bottle stoppers and all kinds of things. It is a small size to just get started, it has worked well, he seems very happy with it.

Heather S Brooker

From United States

Posted a review on Sep 21, 2019

The CNC lathe was good quality at a great price and shipped quickly. I gave this to my boyfriend as a birthday present and I cant get him off of it he loves it.


From Russia

Posted a review on Aug 24, 2019

Ive had mine for about two years, and I like it. Its much better than the craftsman lathe I used to use. The variable speed is nice, and finish is excellent. This I think would be a good investment for someone looking for a CNC wood lathe.


From United States

Posted a review on Jul 25, 2019

Amazing wood lathe machine, almost no manual work is required, the DSP control it working, easy to operate, the tools can change automatically with automatic tool changer, its the best choice for a woodturning beginner.


From United States

Posted a review on Jul 25, 2019

I like the 4 axis for wood lathe, like a CNC router machine, it can make some 3d relief carving, which is suitable for my table leg production.


From Tunisia

Posted a review on Feb 20, 2019

The shipping was fast and contents well packed. The wood lathe came almost completely assembled and was easy to set up. I was impressed with the quality and how smooth it operates (very sturdy and well balanced).


From United Kingdom

Posted a review on Feb 16, 2019

I LIKE THIS WOOD LATHE MACHINE. An auto feeding machine is exactly what I need. I would like to recommend it to my friends too.

Ivan Kornilenko

From Russia

Posted a review on Oct 22, 2018

Оба станка пришли быстро, СДЭК ом, собрал, всё работает, спасибо!

Keith Sutherin

From United States

Posted a review on Sep 01, 2018

After a lot of research, I went with this cnc wood lathe machine to fill my professional wood shop. I’m still impressed with the weight and feel for such a good price.

Christian Ganglberger

From Austria

Posted a review on Aug 22, 2018

This was very handy in my last building project. The CNC wood lathe works well. Operate instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Mauro Silva

From Denmark

Posted a review on Apr 06, 2018

I received the wood lathe quickly in Denmark.There was no defect in the product. I am very satisfied with the machine and delivery. thanks.

Francis Park

From United States

Posted a review on Mar 24, 2018

Fast Delivery. Well packed. Everything perfect so far. I will update more for this wood lathe.

Deanna Espsoito

From United States

Posted a review on Jan 18, 2018

This CNC wood lathe machine has a nice heavy duty cast iron body. Its heavy enough to sit solidly on the ground and also run quietly.

Fernando Matas

From Spain

Posted a review on Aug 15, 2017

Llegó antes de lo esperado. ¡Y funciona muy bien, gracias STYLECNC!

Brad Eley

From United States

Posted a review on Jul 23, 2017

The wood lathe machine has been delivered in two weeks. the details quality looks good.


From Tunisia

Posted a review on Jul 19, 2017

These are PERFECT! You may purchase them with complete confidence!

Jack Keezer

From United States

Posted a review on May 23, 2017

The lathe machine has been received, no complex assembly. Recommend.

Marcelo Fraile

From Spain

Posted a review on May 21, 2017

Highly recommend this wood lathe. Its a great machine for turning Roman columns. Thank you! A++++


From Mongolia

Posted a review on May 15, 2017

This wood lathe machine is very robust. Heavy duty. The lathe machine mount works great and is sturdy.

Graham Michael

From Australia

Posted a review on Apr 30, 2017

Love everything about the woodworking lathe, it seems sturdy and has no doubt.


From Germany

Posted a review on Apr 17, 2017

The second wood lathe machine I bought from STYLECNC. Recommend this seller to all, honest, gregarious. fast shipping, perfect machine.

Alexander Vorobyev

From Russia

Posted a review on Apr 14, 2017

Got it, delivered pretty fast. Everything seems fine.

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