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                                                                  Desktop CO2 Laser Cutting Paper Ideas & Plans

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                                                                  Find free laser paper cutting ideas & plans by desktop CO2 laser cutter, which will be a good reference to buy the best laser paper cutting machine.

                                                                   Dec 05, 2015  Claire  803

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                                                                  Laser cutting paper card

                                                                  laser cutting paper crafts

                                                                  Laser cutting love greeting card of paper

                                                                  Laser cutting paper greeting card

                                                                  Compared with traditional paper cutting tools, CO2 laser paper cutter has high precision and fast speed. It is not limited to cutting patterns, automatic typesetting saves materials, smooth cuts, reduces cutting material loss, good processing quality, and low production costs. Laser will gradually improve or replace traditional die-cutting tools and is favored by many printing companies.

                                                                  Once the CO2 laser cutting speed is proportional to the laser power, the processing speed will double (usually twice the power is required). Practice has shown that, depending on the composition and weight of the paper, the cutting speed of the 9.3µm wavelength is 20% faster than the 10.6µm laser.

                                                                  Laser cutting is a non-contact process. Whether it is cutting or drilling, the surface is very clean and smooth. It is specially designed for drilling round holes, square holes, hexagonal holes, special-shaped holes, single holes, group holes, micro holes and other processes. A laser cutter has faster cutting speed and high precision.

                                                                  Additionally, the laser process makes it possible to cut complex designs with ease and precision, and designs can be easily changed or modified. The non-contact nature of the process means that beautiful designs, such as those required for greeting cards and fine stationery, will not warp or warp during the cutting process.

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