Metal Laser Cutting Machine Applications and Plans

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Find free laser metal cutting machine projects, samples, plans, and applications as the best reference for you to buy an affordable metal laser cutter.​

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Metal laser cutting machine applications

Metal laser cutting machine applications

Metal laser cutting machine samples

Laser metal cutting machine projects

Laser metal cutting machine projects

Metal laser cutter projects

Metal laser cutter applications and samples

Metal laser cutting machines are divided into high-power laser metal cutting machines, optical fiber sheet metal cutting machines, and metal engraving and cutting all-in-one machines according to the laser power.

First, the energy of the laser is concentrated into a high-density beam in the form of light, and the beam is transmitted to the working surface to generate enough heat to melt the material. In addition, the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam directly removes the fusion metal, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting , which shows that there is an essential difference between laser cutting and machining of machine tools.

It uses the laser beam emitted from the laser generator to focus into a high power density laser beam irradiation condition through the external circuit system. The laser heat is absorbed by the workpiece material, and the temperature of the workpiece rises sharply. After reaching the boiling point, the material begins to vaporize and form The hole, as the relative position of the beam and the workpiece moves, eventually causes the material to form a slit. The process parameters (cutting speed, laser power, gas pressure, etc.) and movement trajectory during slitting are controlled by the numerical control system, and the slag at the slit is blown off by a certain pressure of auxiliary gas.

A new generation of advanced large-format gantry laser cutting machine, this product adopts fiber laser optical cutting system, which has the advantages of good optical mode, small slit and high precision; the mechanical follow-up cutting head directly contacts the plate movement, and the laser focus is always Keeping the same, the cutting speed and quality are uniform on the entire working surface; the use of double guide rail positioning, ball screw drive, fast speed, high precision, smooth movement, good dynamic performance, long service life; the machine tool has both vertical and horizontal movement directions Equipped with an overtravel anti-collision limit switch and a polyurethane anti-collision bar after the limit switch fails, which ensures the safety of the machine tool operation to the greatest extent; the automatic programming system directly generates the processing program from the graphic file, and the computer simulates the graphic processing path, automatically Set of nesting, improve processing efficiency and material utilization.

The laser metal cutting machine mainly includes four parts: the main body of the machine, the laser power supply, the water cooling cabinet and the computer operation console. It has the features of compact structure, convenient operation, stable optical path and unique functions.

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