Laser Wood Cutting Machine Applications

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Laser wood cutting machine is used for cutting and engraving wood arts, wood crafts, wood gifts, wood boxes, wood signs, wood logos, and wood letters.

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Laser wood cutting machine projects

Laser wood cutting machine projects

Laser wood cutter projects

Wood laser cutter projects

Wood laser cutting machine projects

Laser cutting machine for wood projects

Laser wood cutting machine adopts DSP controlling system, rich functions, engraving on plane, gradient engraving by 360 degree, cutting and drilling holes etc. Owns functions of restoring from power off, continuation on break point.

Applications of wood laser cutting machine:

Advertising industry

a. Double-colored board carving.

b. Organic glass carving and cutting 

c. label carving 

d. crystal cup carving

e. Warranty signed carving.

Carved gifts and crafts industry 

a. Wood 

b. Bamboo 

c. Ivory 

d. Bone

e. Leather 

f. paper. 

Packing and printing industry 

a. Rubbery board 

b. Plastic board 

c. Double-layered board 

d. Model cutting board.

Leather clothing industry 

a. Complex characters and pattern carving

b. Cutting on hypoderm 

c. Synthetic leather 

d. Man-made leather  

e. Cloth.

Architectural model industry 

a. ABS board cutting 

b. Model carving.

Production totem industry 

a. Appliance signs 

b. Anti-fake commodities marking.

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