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CNC Blanket Cutting Machine with Oscillating Circular Knife Cutter

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CNC blanket cutting machine with oscillating circular knife cutter is a type of professional CNC digital cutting machine to cut blankets, and the digital flash cutting speed is 5-8 times higher than laser cutting machine.

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 Feb 11, 2020  Mar 28, 2020  Claire  259

CNC blanket cutting machine with oscillating circular knife cutter is professional to cut blanket materials without air pollution, no burnt edge, and the cutting speed is 5-8 times faster than CNC laser cutting machine.

Except for cutting blankets, blanket CNC cutting machine can also cut a variety of materials, including corrugated board, cloth, paper board, fiber board, and plastic board with high speed and high accuracy.

It's more suitable for the customers who are receiving orders with diverse styles and short lead time.

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