5W UV Laser Engraving Machine for Metal, Glass, Plastic

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This video shows how does 5W UV laser engraving machine etch stainless steel, glass, leather, wood, stone, acrylic, and plastics with fine details.
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5W UV Laser Engraving Machine for Metal, Glass, Plastic

UV laser engraving machine belongs to the series of laser marking machines, but it is developed by using a 355nm ultraviolet laser. Compared with infrared lasers, this machine adopts three-stage intracavity frequency doubling technology. The 355 ultraviolet light has a very small focus spot and can It greatly reduces the mechanical deformation of the material and has little processing heat impact, because it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving, and is especially suitable for marking, micro-holes, and high-speed division of glass materials for food and medical packaging materials. Wafers are used for complex pattern cutting and other applications.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine surpasses traditional processing and makes up for various deficiencies in the past, such as low processing accuracy, difficult drawing, damage to the workpiece, and environmental pollution. With its unique processing advantages, it has become the new favorite of glass product processing, and is used by various wine glasses, craft gifts, etc. The industry is listed as a necessary processing tool.

What Is The 5W UV Laser Engraving Machine Used For?

1. Electronic Components: Resistors, Capacitors, Chips, Printed Circuit Boards, Keyboard.

2. Mechanical Parts: Bearings, Gears, Standard Parts, Motor.

3. Instrument: Panel Board, Nameplates, Precision equipment.

4. Hardware Tools: Knives, Tools, Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools.

5. Automobile Parts: Pistons&Rings, Gears, Shafts, Bearings, Clutch, Lights.

6. Daily Necessities: Handicrafts, Zipper, Key Holder, Sanitary Ware.

7. Part of nometals such as plastic animal ear tag, ear tag marking, pig ear tag marking, and pet bowl marking.

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