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Model - Single Flute End Mill


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Looking for CNC router bits for aluminum? Check out the up-cut and down-cut flute and compound single flute end mill, which is the best CNC bits for aluminum.

Product Overview

CNC Router Bits for Aluminum - Single Flute End Mill

Product Details

Applications of CNC Router Bits for Aluminum - Single Flute End Mill

Great for carving, cutting, engraving, milling in materials including density board, wood, acrylic, plastic, PCB, PVC, PP, MDF, nylon, resin, plywood, hardwood, etc.

Advantages of CNC Router Bits for Aluminum - Single Flute End Mill

Use of tungsten steel material with good milling, cutting performance, ensure high work efficiency. The design of 1-flute, larger spiral chip space of CNC Router Bit makes non-stick crumbs, smooth cutting and fast chip-removal. Durable, high precision and not easy to break; it is smokeless and burr-free while processing.

1. High-speed cutting, high smoothness and good surface effect.

2. Unique spiral design, large chip removal slot, large chip removal without sticking or jamming.

3. Material selection is abrasion-resistant, sharp blade, continuous knife, high processing efficiency.

4. We produce up-cut and down-cut single flute end mill, as well as compound single flute end mill, also welcome custom according to your CAD drawings or requirements.

Technical Parameters of CNC Router Bits for Aluminum - Single Flute End Mill

OriginChina (Mainland)TypeMilling Cutting Blade
MaterialCarbideCoatingNo coating or as your request
Delivery time5 - 20 daysPackagePlastic box in carton or as required
Flute Numbers1OEMWarmly Welcomed
ApplicationsAluminum, Multilayer Board, Plywood, MDF, Foam, WoodSHIPMENTDHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx or as your request
Product NameCNC Router Bits, Spiral Slot Milling Cutter, Single Flute End Mill Bits

Package of CNC Router Bits for Aluminum - Single Flute End Mill

CNC router bits are well assorted in a portable plastic case for easy storage, each contained in a individual section, with a foam inserted keeping the bits from beating each other up.

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5 out of 5

These bits are doing great. I was shocked to see how well they were holding up given the cost. I put these into my desktop CNC and they have performed great. I cut a considerable amount of aluminum with them and they just kept on going. I broke one bit which was entirely my fault but otherwise the second one cut through the 1/4 aluminum without issue. Few times I flexed the bit and it did not break. I honestly could not ask for more out of these bits. Would certainly buy again. A+++

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