Free Nesting CNC Router PLT Files for Custom Woodworking

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Free download nesting CNC router PLT files for 3D furniture models of animal, including unicorn shelf, giraffe bookcase, camel display storage and other shelf furniture to fit your CNC ideas, make your CNC projects, and realize your CNC plans.

 Mar 20, 2020  Jimmy  2364

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Nesting CNC Router for Giraffe Bookcase Project

Nesting CNC Router for Giraffe Bookcase Project

Nesting CNC Router PLT File for Giraffe Bookcase

Nesting CNC Router for Unicorn Shelf Project

Nesting CNC Router PLT File for Unicorn Shelf

Nesting CNC Router for Camel Display Storage Project

Nesting CNC Router PLT File for Camel Display Storage

Nesting CNC router is mainly designed for customized modern furnitures, such as cabinets, doors, wardrobes, decorations. The whole machine only need one ordinary worker to operate. The CNC router machine can mix a lot of your customers orders from a BOM automitically though the software:

1. Automatic Labeling: The machine can show a barcode / order No. / panel size information on each panel. The label information can be customized according to your requirements.

2. Automatic Feeding: Suck the panel to the next process automatically.

3. Automatic CNC Machining: Cutting, carving, milling, grooving and drilling automatically.

4. Automatic Discharge: After CNC machining is completed, the panels are discharged automatically.

Free Download Link:

Nesting CNC Router PLT Files

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