Mini Jewelry CNC Milling Machine

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You will see how does a mini CNC milling machine cut small jewelry in this video, which is a good reference to buy a CNC jewelry making machine.
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Mini Jewelry CNC Milling Machine

Jewelry, as a kind of decoration, is more and more popular with the improvement of people's living standards. Therefore, jewelry milling, as a kind of need, is called a necessary means of jewelry processing.

Mini CNC jewelry milling machine can pause at any time, increase or decrease the speed, adjust the depth, and preview the plane and three-dimensional images of the engraving path. The stepless speed regulation is convenient for milling different jewelry materials, and is suitable for different industries.

The body of the small jewelry CNC milling machine has optimized design and adopts linear guide rail, which has a long service life. It is convenient to deal with the broken cutter, and it can be milled and repaired at any point, without re-typesetting or returning to the original point for re-milling. It is convenient to operate and easy to master. The fuselage has high bearing capacity and no deformation. The high quality screw ensures the milling speed, and the high-precision square linear guide rail effectively improves the jewelry milling accuracy.

The automatic jewelry mill supports a variety of CAD/CAM software. It has the function of continuous milling after power failure, timely error code file function, and automatic error correction function at the origin.

The quality of the jewelry surface finish is related to the material material, the choice of the tool, the sharpness of the blade, the mechanical rigidity of the machine tool (whether the machine tool shakes during processing), the matching of the drive parameters and the control system (including stepper drive and servo drive) ), the parameter adjustment of the control system. If you want to mill a good jewelry, it is closely related to each factor, and the resulting factors can be determined according to the specific situation to solve such problems.

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