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                                                                  Do you want do brand your logo on young fresh shaved coconut (Thai) with laser fruit labeling machine? Do you want to DIY personalized fresh fruit with laser fruit engraving machine? Review 2022 best CO2 laser fruit marking machine for custom coconut shell, fresh coconut, apple, orange, lemon, avocado, potato, and vegetables.

                                                                  Product Overview

                                                                  Product Details

                                                                  Making custom branded coconuts with your logo for a special occasion, which will surprise your customer and share the amazing coconut water. Let's start to learn the fruit laser marking machine for coconut.

                                                                  What is laser fruit marking machine?

                                                                  Laser fruit marking machine gathers the laser on the surface of the fruit to be marked with high energy density, in a short time, vaporizes the material on the surface, and controls the effective displacement of the laser beam to accurately mark the delicate pattern or text.

                                                                  How does fruit laser marking machine work?

                                                                  Most fruits have a waxy layer on the surface, underneath the waxy layer is the peel, and under the peel is the pulp. After focusing, the laser beam penetrates the waxy layer and interacts with the pigment in the peel to change its color. At the same time, the water in the peel evaporates to achieve the purpose of marking. The CO2 laser fruit marking machine only discolors the peel without damaging the pulp and waxy layer, so the marked fruit can be stored for a long time without decay. The fruit label laser marking technology uses laser to mark information such as PLU code, QR code and barcode on the surface of citrus, fruit and pomegranate. This marking information improves the difference between the laser marking part of the fruit and other parts, making the "fruit label" easier to read. The fruit label eliminates the need for paper, ink, and glue used in traditional labeling.

                                                                  Features of CO2 Laser Fruit Marking Machine for Coconut

                                                                  1. It has advantages of high performance, reliability High lightning conversion effiencency and low cost.

                                                                  2. The equipment performance is extremely stable, high precision carving and sculpture fast for long time to work.

                                                                  3. The fruit laser engraver adopts air cooling laser generator, which can ensure the highest gas purity, essentially extending the service life.

                                                                  3. The laser fruit engraver adopts highspeed galvanometer system with high speed, high precision and stable performance.

                                                                  4. The fruit laser engraving machine adopts top brand optics lens, low loss, excellent focalization performance.

                                                                  6. It can quickly mark letter, figure, graphics or auto-coding, serial No, batch No, barcode, 2-D code on nonmetal surface which are precise, permanent, non-polluting and environment-friendly.

                                                                  Configurations of CO2 Laser Fruit Marking Machine for Coconut

                                                                  1. CE standard.

                                                                  2. 100*100mm working area.

                                                                  3. 30W air cooling laser generator.

                                                                  4. Aluminum alloy table.

                                                                  5. Red point.

                                                                  6. Up-down platform.

                                                                  7. Water cooling system.

                                                                  8. Field lens.

                                                                  9. High speed galvanometer.

                                                                  10. Marking head.

                                                                  11. CNC control system.

                                                                  12. EZCAD software.

                                                                  Applications of CO2 Laser Fruit Marking Machine for Coconut

                                                                  In the fruit market, in order to highlight brand awareness, some fruit merchants will affix labels on the surface of the fruit to indicate the brand, origin and other information. This label is easy to be torn and faked. The CO2 laser marking machine can be used to make permanent products on the peel. The mark of not only will not damage the pulp inside the fruit, but also play an anti-counterfeiting effect. This method is unique and innovative.

                                                                  The fruit laser marker is used in organic glass, ceramic, synthetic materials, woods, bamboo, rubber, leather, paper, cloth and so on. It works in capacitance, inductance, printed circuit board, integrated circuit, electric plug card, some instruments and control panels, buttons, cosmetic package, foods, drinks, handicraft and sationery.

                                                                  Technical Parameters of CO2 Laser Fruit Marking Machine for Coconut

                                                                  Laser power30W
                                                                  Working area100mm*100mm
                                                                  Laser Wavelength10.64μm
                                                                  Response time0.5ms
                                                                  Frequency of pulse20KHz
                                                                  Max marking depth0-6mm
                                                                  Marking speed0-7000mm/s
                                                                  Minimum line width0.1mm
                                                                  Minimum character0.3mm*0.3mm
                                                                  Repeatability accuracy±0.005mm
                                                                  Resolution ratio0.1mm
                                                                  Graphic format supportedbmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
                                                                  Unit power≤1.2KW
                                                                  Cooling methodAir cooling (100w: Water Cooling)
                                                                  Net weight150kg

                                                                  Details of CO2 Laser Fruit Marking Machine for Coconut

                                                                  CO2 Laser Marking Machine for DIY Personalized Fruit Labeling Projects & Ideas

                                                                  CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Custom Fresh Fruit Labeling Projects

                                                                  CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Custom Coconut Labeling Projects

                                                                  STYLECNC's CO2 Laser Fruit Marking Machine for Coconut in Thailand Bangkok

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                                                                  Reviewed in Thailand on

                                                                  4 out of 5

                                                                  ฉันซื้อเครื่องแกะสลักเลเซอร์นี้เพื่อทำโลโก้บนมะพร้าว มันดีมาก ฉันประทับใจมากตอนเปิดกล่อง มันประกอบง่ายและเริ่มใช้งานได้ง่าย และฉันได้ผลลัพธ์ที่ดีจากมัน โดยรวมแล้วฉันประทับใจมากกับมัน ฉันจะแกะสลักมะพร้าวส่วนตัวในอีกสองสามสัปดาห์ข้างหน้าเพื่อสร้างรายได้


                                                                  Reviewed in the United States on

                                                                  5 out of 5

                                                                  Very fast delivery. I tried to operate according to instructions. Ask in advance the laser machine manufacturer to send the software and instructions. Powerful. I didnt expect that it would be so good. Engineers answer questions and help me. Recommend.

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